After the latest update to Battlefield 2042 accidentally revealed the “Father Winter” skin, it wasn’t accepted by some fans. DICE states that holiday-themed cosmetics are “one-time use” and some may not appear in the game. This year at all.

A Twitter thread (below) shared by Battlefield developers was aimed at addressing the concerns of fans surrounding leaked skin. “Today, some of you happened to get a glimpse of some holiday-themed cosmetics, and we wanted to help clarify their intended use,” the statement said. Read.

“Developing a live service requires you to work a few months in advance, and you can choose an option when you reach a critical moment in the first year. Currently, there are other priorities, so there are skins. , Currently, I have no plans to do the following. Take advantage of all of them for this holiday. “

The developers haven’t mentioned the controversial “Father Winter” skin by name, but that could be at least part of the reason for this message. It seems that more quirky skins are limited to certain time-limited modes rather than being available throughout the game.

“We will also create a unique cosmetic for one-time use in the special Battlefield Portal mode to further enhance the fantasy at special events,” continued the thread. “Through live services, you may come across these mode-locked cosmetics that do not affect the rest of the game, which gives everyone working on the battlefield more creative freedom than before. It provides an exciting new opportunity to explore.

The developer concludes the statement by explaining to fans that support from the gaming community is not a matter of course. He then added that he was grateful to the players for their feedback on the mode.

The statement did not specifically state what the other priorities of the game were, but this could refer to the number of tooth-growing problems the title has faced since its launch. Due to post-release issues such as bullet flowering fan reports and vehicle glitches, the team has been working hard to implement major fixes for the game.

While fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the game through social media and platform reviews, DICE is able to convince experienced Battlefield players of the latest changes the 2042 has made to the series through continued work on the title. I almost certainly want to be able to do it.

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