• Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members using EA Play can join and start playing Battlefield 2042 Early access will start tomorrow.
  • Check out these tips to help you get started with the new Hazard Zone game mode.
  • Battlefield 2042 Launched globally on November 19 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Starting Friday, November 12th, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members using EA Play will be able to join and start playing. Battlefield 2042 Early Access is a 10-hour trial full of iconic Battlefield gameplay moments leading up to the global release of the game on November 19, with all-out warfare, hazard zones, and community-driven Battlefield portal game modes. You can play.

Hazard Zone is a completely new mode launched for the first time for strangers. Battlefield 2042 This will result in a small team of four people tasked with finding and retrieving data drives from crashed low-Earth orbit satellites scattered throughout the battlefield. The challenge here is to confront the enemy squad for the same purpose.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

And it’s not just trying to be the first team to get a data drive. You can also use the data drive collection to reach the extraction point and wipe everyone out before a major storm enters the area (unless the enemy squad does so first). You can see all the details of the hazard zone in the Xbox Wire First Look Preview.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

A recent hands-on experience with this new game type has shown that this game mode is so profound that choosing the right combination of specialists, weapons, gadgets and tactical upgrades is the key to survival. rice field. So I thought it would provide some tips to help you and your team do it steadily during Early Access. Battlefield 2042 Kick off on Friday, November 12th.

Hazard zone tips

Not everyone needs a data drive scanner

One of the most important (and free) devices in the hazard zone is the data drive scanner. It is used to scan the field to find the data drive.Make sure to coordinate with your team on the pre-match loadout screen to make the decision Who Not everyone needs a data drive scanner, so take charge of this task. To be successful in the hazard zone, you need to create the most balanced team. By setting ownership to the person who oversees the data drive scan, the rest of the team can free up equipment slots to bring in another handy technique.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone Hero Image

It’s okay to retreat

It is very likely that you will encounter other teams fighting for the same data drive collection, either in the player team or in the AI-controlled occupying forces. It may be tempting to fight the enemy team and take control of the data drive from the enemy team, but there are many other places to choose from on the map. If the battle gets too hot, it’s not embarrassing to retreat to another less hostile place. Remember: The goal here is the data drive, not the kill streak. You can get a larger net reward for the number successfully extracted.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

Reach the last extraction point early

There are two extracts that occur during a match, but if the team chooses to stick it out for the final extract using a rich data drive, everyone will be busy (and fun!) Trying to board. ) One experience can occur. Safely flown with the last CV-38 Condor. In our experience, once you know the location of the last extraction point, it is best to prioritize reaching it and setting a solid defensive position to drive away other squads. And once you’re in the condor, don’t be afraid to go. Continue fighting until the counter reaches 00:00, firing suppressive fire to keep enemy squads away and destroy the last desperate attempt to ensure safety. Bonus: Repel these squads and if you still have time, try to get the dropped data drive and add it to your collection.

Battlefield 2042-Hazard Zone

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members using EA Play can dive into the hazard zone and start playing along with other game modes such as All Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal when Early Access begins. Battlefield 2042 November 12th. Pre-orders are also possible. Battlefield 2042 Ultimate Edition When Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition Playback starts when Early Access begins. We will increase our market share a little more for next week’s global launch. Battlefield 2042, Adjust here for Xbox Wire.