Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Battlefield 2042 Subreddit may be locked due to toxicity

The moderation team behind Battlefield 2042’s subreddit warned fans not to hesitate to shut down the space for some time if the feed’s toxicity level continues to rise. This announcement comes just a month after r / Halo subreddit declares its own temporary blockade, following similar toxic actions from some members of the community.

As reported by PC gamer, R / Battlefield 2042 The warning from the moderation team appears to have occurred after a mass angry reaction was targeted in response to the currently deleted tweet posted on Twitter by EA Global Communications Director Andy McNamara.

McNamara’s tweet appears to have been made in response to the Battlefield community after DICE criticized the lack of communication and further improvements in the game in late December. Many of the studio staff are on vacation.

“Go back to work today and check out Reddit and Twitter. Battlefield fans are angry that they didn’t update or communicate enough during the holidays,” McNamara said. “Everyone, people need to rest. We have something in motion, but we need to understand what is possible. […] Let’s go back to work after a break. I love you, but these expectations are cruel. What you need is time consuming to scope, design and run. “

Following McNamara’s comment, the thread Post At Battlefield 2042 subreddit, anger at the studio and its employees seems to have accelerated to insults from some stakeholders. This encouraged the moderation team behind the subreddit to join and issued the first warning about their actions in the forum.

McNamara then chose to remove the original tweet from Twitter and instead apologize to the fans for not clarifying his message sufficiently. This spawned a new round of angry reactions from some.

“The message was clear at launch.” write in One fan. “Stop looking for sympathy and start offering solutions. Your idea that some of them need to be resolved, even if they’re half of the previous game, isn’t hard. $ 100 You will certainly lose money, but knowing that will cost you $ 100. Never touch BF again. “

Battlefield 2042: Hazard Mode Screenshot

Since the launch of Battlefield 2042, there has been increasing friction between DICE and members of the Battlefield community. Following a turbulent release full of bugs and glitches, and many overall changes to the gameplay within the series, franchise fans were heavily critical of the game.

In November, this was reflected in the title’s Steam review score, flooded with negative reviews and pushed to the infamous Hall of Shame on Steam250. Since then, there has been increasing tension between DICE and its community about other factors such as the missing features recognized and leaks of Santa Claus-themed holiday skins.

DICE has been working to improve the overall experience of players in Battlefield 2042, with true criticism and constructive feedback, but also an increase in toxic behavior from the game’s fan base. I am.

As tensions continue to grow between community members and studio members, and community reactions continue to be toxic, Battlefield’s Subreddit moderation team has given members a clear ultimatum this week. Blockade. A complete statement from the team can be seen below.

The response from the moderation team is similar to the similar tone made in the team statement behind. r / hello Last month, subreddit issued a temporary blockade after the team declared that “toxicity has reached its limit and is increasing exponentially.” Halo subreddit closed over the weekend to extinguish its temper and allow people to rest, after explaining that actions on the submarine “made it impossible for people to have public discussions.”

It’s not yet clear if Battlefield 2042 subreddit needs to take similar steps, but we hope that those involved in posting insults and harassment messages can pay attention to the warning before it’s too late.

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