Battlefield 2042 So far there has been a rough launch week, whether it is or not Server issues, UI issues, Or more creative frustration like features and modes that 2042 chooses not to include. One Reddit user named Jellyswim List of features A surprisingly long (subjective) read that has been “removed or downgraded” from Battlefield 2042.

Here are some notable complaints:

  • There is no permanent lobby and players must matchmake after every game.
  • There is no global leaderboard
  • There is no standard server browser
  • Fewer standard game modes such as team deathmatch
  • There are few car models
  • There are no small transport type vehicles such as ATVs and bicycles
  • There are few gun options
  • Various mobility mechanisms such as manual tilt, high wall vaulting, backward tendency, no diving while swimming, etc.
  • Technical issues such as reduced control and UI optimization options, reduced support for ultra-wide monitors, and aim assist issues in the console.
  • A less obvious way to tell the medic is to revive a downed teammate.
  • And easily dozens more complaints.

Note that none of these features are necessarily “missing”. The sequel always omits previous game features, such as budgetary reasons, the reality of the game’s development timeline, or the creative decision to focus on a lesser approach. All of these do not necessarily mean games. Is it good or bad for it? That said, this list is a clear reminder of how the details of Battlefield 2042 differ from its predecessor.

Although the list is just a short taste, this post has become one of the most endorsed posts in Battlefield 2042 subreddit’s recent history, with many users taking part in complaints.

“I admit I enjoyed it for 10 hours, but these things became more and more obvious, and the fun diminished rapidly,” wrote a user named MultimediaCarl.

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“‘Assist counts as a kill’ is literally one of my favorite features in BF4,” writes user Kaine Zilla. Especially for people like me who are having a hard time cleaning up.

“The portal really benefits from savings, but it’s a shame that we have to rely heavily on user-created servers to fill many of the gaps that base games lack. Portals maintain their status forever. There is no such thing. ” User Jelly swim.

Unique to IGN Battlefield 2042 Review If all specialist characters have access to most of the tools in each class, then the class doesn’t seem to be that important, and the dead teammate’s body remains visible on the ground, acting as a fake bait for the drug. Even the problem repeated some of these complaints.

DICE at the beginning of Thursday First update to Battlefield 2042Target server issues, such as rubber banding, and stuttering instances on breakaway maps, among other issues. DICE has also updated the Battlefield 2042 Proximity Sensor item fix.

DICE also plans to release two additional updates over the next 30 days for fixes, balance changes, and quality of life issues.

Joseph Knoop is a writer / producer for IGN.