Battlefield 2042 players are joining the XP farm using the Battlefield Portal in the hope of gaining experience in unlocking in-game items. Unfortunately, many quickly discover that these servers are traps and they are the ones that are being hunted.

Battlefield Portal is a new way for players to create their own multiplayer experience by combining and combining the elements of Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. , And much more.

But as reported by PC Gamer, Many early players are basically creating XP farm servers, which are small human teams that fight against larger teams of bots with little health and no guns. The problem with Battlefield 2042 is that players who join one of these servers after a small team of humans is full are thrown into the bot team for slaughter.

This will cause many to quit immediately, but PC Gamer’s Tyler Wilde said there are certain players who are trying to defeat the odds and confront the attackers.

“What’s really interesting is that not everyone leaves after discovering that only a handful of players on the server are XP farming and they aren’t one of them,” Wild wrote. increase. “I was stuck and saw many times the player holding a knife and running desperately to the torturer.

“Somewhere, typing” / switch “or” / swapteam “in the chat must have started rumors of joining another team. Because there are many of them. It doesn’t work. I also saw the string. Some players seem to type “/ gun” and want the command to give them a gun. it’s not. “

EA is working to solve this problem And reduce these XP gains for these XP farmers. This is also a good thing, as the Battlefield Portal server limit has been reached, affecting not only the XP farmers who are prey, but more. The EA has confirmed that it is working to free more servers.

Battlefield 2042 will be officially released on October 18, 2021. However, if you have EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can now play a 10-hour trial. In addition, those who have purchased the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition of the game can also jump early.

In an ongoing Battlefield 2042 review, “After 12 hours in Battlefield 2042, it’s clear that not all new ideas have been completely successful, but they can be seriously impressive.”

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