Battlefield has always prioritized some multiplayer madness, but in previous series, megacyclons are ready to tear maps, destroy cars, uproot trees, and suck up poor souls who are too close to them. A parachute that wasn’t made. Do I need to be aware of this, even among bullets, gunships, and artillery? Battlefield 2042 is a world at stake and humanity. It’s clear that DICE became overly completely blinded hours after the beta was about to be released. This completely masks the turmoil experienced in previous historic veneers. The Battle of the Bulge was like hell, but at least there was no tornado.

Battlefield 2042 will be the first entry in the franchise released with the PS5 and Xbox Series X in mind, so of course DICE meets all the specs. The maximum number of players in the match has increased to 128 players in the galaxy, all scattered on a dense, multifaceted map. I played in an orbital set in French Guiana. The Space Shuttle launch site, flooded coastal villages, and dizzy-inducing skyscrapers were all destroyed in one volatile battlefield. Its size is comparable to the average Battle Royale, and I quickly realized that my proven battlefield strategy of walking hustle from one skirmish to the next was unacceptable at this scale. Thankfully, with the tap of the “B” key, I was able to drop a new set of wheels in the air, as if I were coming straight from the “Mother Base” of Metal Gear Solid. Suddenly, the scope of the 2042 is no longer overwhelming.

Battlefield 2042: Specialist Screenshot

Aside from the apocalypse of the environment, Battlefield’s Die Hard will appear at home in 2042. Once again, the EA created a bedlam generator. Every Fire Fight does more than anyone can handle. In one of the most memorable sequences, I noticed that I was at eye level with a helicopter swirling over the building, like a sudden encounter with a boss. (I got to the top with shots from the rocket launcher.) Gunplay also feels in line with the pace and mechanics established in both Battlefield V and Battlefield 1. We spend a lot of time taking potshots with fine targets throughout the environment. And you should always pay attention to your side.

However, the most useful feature added to the 2042 is the ability to customize the weapon on the fly. Do you have a clean shot and need something a little more accurate than your assault rifle iron sight? No problem. Snap the scope to squeeze out some rounds. The battlefield has long made us feel like a growl in a war effort. But in the apocalypse, we all have more tactical flexibility.

That same philosophy is carried over to the re-created class system of 2042. You are no longer bound by the rigorous role that was first established in 1942. You can now choose a specific specialist, have your own name, personality, and traits, from which you can adjust the rest of your loadouts. The end result is similar to the Rainbow Six Siege operator. I spent most of my time with Mackay and his amazingly versatile grappling hooks. This has the knack for putting you in the best vantage point. I didn’t try to attach it to the helicopter, but it would be the first stop on the live server.

The most useful feature added to the 2042 is the ability to customize the weapon on the fly.


That said, EA warned me that I was playing with an older build, and certainly many noticeable bugs popped up on me. Unable to view the entire map, the corpse of the blown vehicle froze in the air and flickered to the ground in the distance at a single-digit frame rate. Most notably, we started each match with an invisible weapon. The soldier’s hand was floating in the ether, simply hugging a muzzle that didn’t exist. So the eternal question is, will those rough spots be ironed before launch? DICE has been really good at making Battlefield games over the years, but the postponement of the left field from October 22nd to November 19th leaves me a little worried.

Screen-Battlefield 2042

Of course, the delay took some time to tweak. If DICE can crush the bugs enough, Battlefield 2042 could be the first great shooter of a new generation. Finally, a chance to sniper your friends from the center of the superstorm. The end of the world has never looked so bright.