Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Battlefield 2042 lets you weaponize tornadoes and other dynamic weather effects

Dice’s Battlefield franchise is popular for its combination of large-scale warfare with amazingly immersive realism—from suppressive flame blur effects to full map destructibility. Battlefield 2042 will victoriously stand on the shoulders of its successor by rebuilding the most important game pillar of the series with the additional help of next-generation technology. Of course, futuristic guns and heavy armored vehicle regiments are a sight to be seen, but what about winding tornadoes blowing glass windows from skyscrapers? Or the incredible huge dust storm that envelops the land in thick soil and branches? In “Battlefield 2042”, you can take full advantage of dynamic weather to knock down enemies or spin the arena quickly.

As in previous installments, you will travel the world-rush into destroyed beaches, infiltrate towering metropolises, defend rocket launch sites, and experience more. When you climb over mud-filled trenches or get trapped in some multi-storey commercial buildings, when the weather suddenly starts to change, your game state may change in the blink of an eye. Dangerous tornadoes will inevitably appear when you least expect them, throwing debris or even manned vehicles at will. A Dice developer recalled that for a moment, a Hummer threw a fatal blow at a highly skilled sniper who had been suppressing him and his team.

Although confirming kills like the above happens to be an interesting (and very lucky!) by-product of the dynamic weather in Battlefield 2042, you can also use tornadoes to bring you closer to the enemy or some arbitrary mission target. . For example, wing gliding allows you to fly yourself into the air, and with the combined power of the devastating vortex, you may be able to reach a height or a certain location before the enemy can reinforce it. I think you can also sit in your favorite vehicle, even if you are caught in a tornado—just be sure to evacuate or eject before you are unfortunately thrown away by some bone-crushed structure.

The shot of the sandstorm is shorter, but it seems to color the entire battlefield with ominous, optimistic tones. It is also safe to assume that visual clarity will be significantly affected. Understand the presence of the atmosphere of environmental impact in the old Battlefield game, and when it is finally released, more dangerous (and/or beneficial) climate changes may occur throughout the game.

How do you plan to take advantage of the tornado? Maybe you will put yourself on its path in the first few encounters and see what happens. Or maybe you will come up with a weird drama that you never planned in the first place!

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