Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone Mode-First Look

The Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042 aims to squeeze the franchise’s margins. If you’re tired of the inclusive mess of the battlefield and don’t want to avoid tank shells like helicopter attacks, cannon blasts, and minced meat grissles, this is a new game mode that makes it tighter and smaller. .. A squad of four. Together, you challenge the terrain that the battlefield has never been to. A world where endless respawns, control points, or the entire army have lost the sense of security that they always have your back.

I didn’t have the opportunity to play the hazard zone, but from a short keynote speech by senior design director Daniel Berlin, the third main pillar of Battlefield 2042 is an interesting hybrid of Counter-Strike tactics and MOBA-style composition construction. It seems. And straight up battle royale. This fiction, like everything in 2042, is cheerful and apocalyptic. Satellites are falling from the sky and have been moved to various battlefield maps to secure the valuable “data drive” left to rot in the smoldering shell. You and the other three players will select a specialist drawn from the 2042 All-Out Warfare format, and the team will edit the exact loadout of the gadget and gun before deployment. Hazard zones are capped at 32 players on new consoles and PCs and 24 players on the latest generation machines. Alongside rival groups, NPC fighters need to be dispatched as they defend their targets and secure their payload. It sounds like a sneak peek at League of Legends to me, but I hope DICE’s famous and beautiful maps will feel a little more lively.

Battlefield 2042: Specialist Screenshot

This is the core loop here. Interrupt the map to protect as many drives as possible, ideally extracting them all alive. (Yes, the hazard zone has permadeath, but there is a way for the team to buy you back.) The most interesting bite I learned from the presentation is the closed circuit economy of mode. Drives stacked in the rack will be converted to “Dark Market Credits” and will be used for a variety of weapons and ammunition in future hazard zone matches. I’ve described Counter-Strike above because EA seems to be messing with a combat economy similar to Valve’s first establishment. Decide whether to drop in-game cash on the AWP for a few minutes in the lobby. Anything is fine. Remember that these “dark market credits” are for hazard zones only. You don’t stock them up for the cosmetics market. You can always rest assured that the studio will add currency to your game and limit it to one variation of play.

Interrupt the map to protect as many drives as possible, ideally extracting them all alive.


Overall, the 2042 is becoming one of the most daring battlefields of the years. Traditional bedlam is great and fun, but I’m most excited about the very robust level editor introduced in Portal and the thoughtful and more cunning approach possible in the hazard zone. A century has passed since 1942. When this old dog learned some new tricks.