Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Battlefield 2042: EA Opposes Specialist Criticism and Talks About Open Beta Lessons

Battlefield 2042 had an interesting open beta to say the least. Fans were excited to finally get the latest iterations of the popular series, but the beta also sparked a lot of EA design choices, especially the introduction of specialists.

so Long new blog post With the aim of sharing points from the recent open beta, EA opposed feedback that specialists (characters with unique traits that overturn traditional class systems) hindered teamwork. The developers of Battlefield 2042 also explained that the decision to use the older build for beta depends primarily on stability, and some of the more detailed changes implemented as a result of feedback. ..

In response to specialist criticism, EA argued that battlefield teamwork was actually hampered by features that have not yet been implemented, such as the ping system. “First, a number of user interface improvements that were missing during the open beta (and all described in detail below), ally and enemy identification, a ping system, and in-game team communication are essential for team play. I realize that .. You couldn’t experience all of them, so today I would like to help you talk to you through the many different changes you will experience in a full game. “

EA went on to say, “Second, I couldn’t see everyone working on the battlefield, hand in hand with all 10 specialists. Your thoughts, as all the cards are on the table. please teach me!”

Most of the criticisms about specialists are focused on overlapping characters.A Reddit poster pointed out how uncomfortable it is to look around the corner. “McKay stabbed McKay while McKay was looking at the other side.” Others felt that specialists were simply suitable for small shooters like Rainbow Six Siege, as opposed to the battlefield of large-scale experience.

EA has no plans to remove the ability to freely choose specialists and loadouts in the All Out War, but the new Hazard Zone mode will have much more severely restricted squad configurations and will allow players more customization. Stated launch options to help differentiate. For those who are sticking to returning to the old-style Battlefield, there is a Battlefield Portal. Here you can customize the rules as you like.

Five final specialists revealed

In addition to touching on the community’s reaction to specialists, EA unveiled the last five characters of Battlefield 2042 in a new trailer. Contains the following characters:

  • Navin Rao, Indian reconnaissance specialist and hacker.
  • Santiago Spinoza, a Mexican attack specialist with a very large shield.
  • Korean scout and spotter, The Spike.
  • Romanian doctor Constantine Angel.
  • Emma Rosier, a French explosives expert.

The rest of the blog post details how EA handles open beta bot-heavy servers, user interfaces, and overall performance.All Definitely worth reading If you’re a battlefield fan who feels uneasy after the open beta.

Battlefield 2042 will enter Early Access Release on November 12th, with a full release date of November 19th. Check the initial appearance of the hazard zone. Here’s an indicator that Battlefield 2042 is becoming one of them. The boldest entry in a few years.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s Senior News Editor.