Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Battle Royale FMV “Blood Shore” Get New Movie Trailer and Switch Release Date

Wales Interactive has shared a trailer for a new movie on Bloodshore, the latest FMV game. Oh, the release date is also fixed.

The game exploded on Switch on November 3, and players are watching a group of influencers, convict on death row, and failed celebrities competing for life-changing prizes. As I pointed out when the game was first announced for Switch, it’s all about the very Hunger Games meeting Twitch …

With a total of eight hours of FMV footage, which Wales Interactive claims to be the most “every video game” to date, your decision will influence how the scene plays. There are several paths and consequences to discover, relationships are tracked throughout and influence how the story progresses.

Who will you save?

Are you a fan of FMV games? Will this be on your Switch Wish List? Make your decision with the comments below.