Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Batman returns to Rocket League for Halloween ghost treasure event

Psynoix has announced that Batman will make a grand return to the Rocket League in time for Halloween with new event challenges, cars, items and more.

DC’s legendary hero headlines the game’s annual Haunted Hallows event. The event will start again tomorrow, October 14th. Introducing Batman Supervillain-themed items, Batman-themed rumble limited-time modes, the resurrection of three iconic Batmobiles, a new arena variant, and the event challenges mentioned above. The required details are as follows:

New event challenges -Players complete the Haunted Hellos Event Challenge to unlock Batman Supervillain-themed items such as The Joker Minas Decals and Boosts, Gotham’s Finest Merck Decals, Harley Quinn Wheels and Toppers, and Poison Ivy Boost. ..

Gotham City Rumble LTM -Rumble mode has been transformed and power-ups are themed on Batman and his enemies. Players can use Joker boxing gloves, Harley hammers instead of boots, and poison ivy vines instead of grappling hooks.

Batmobile & Bat-Signal- Batmobile (1989), The Dark Knight tumbler, and Batmobile (2016) can be purchased at the Item Shop during Haunted Hellos. In addition, there are three Bat-Signal goal explosions showing off bat symbols from three different eras. All Batmobiles and Goal Explosions are available in the 2000 Credit Batman Halloween Bundle, in addition to the ability to purchase Reel Life Decals and Goal Explosions separately, in addition to the individual Batmobile Bundles.

Beck with Park (Gossam Night) Arena Variant -This new limited-time arena has been transformed by Gotham City’s Supervillain.

The Haunted Hallows event marks the end of last week’s 007 celebration, which was rich in Aston Martin content.