Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

BANDAI NAMCO will change logo in 2022

Image: Namco Bandai

From time to time, companies prefer to update, change or update their logo for marketing reasons. The latest company to do this is Namco Bandai, a Japanese publisher and developer known for its series such as Pac-Man, Tekken, and Tales.

The new logo will come into effect in April next year and will replace the current logo, which represents the “fusion” of Bandai and Namco. This new logo clearly reflects the company’s new purpose of “fun for everyone for the future.”

“All the fun for the future-NAMCO BANDAI exists to share dreams, fun and inspiration with people all over the world. By connecting people and society while enjoying unique and fun products and services. We strive to create a bright future for everyone.

The new logo, described in balloon motifs or in Japanese as “speech balloons,” represents the potential of the brand to connect with people around the world and “inspire them with great ideas.” And this is all else it represents:

“Speech balloons also represent the Japanese manga culture that is gaining popularity around the world. The logo is our determination to communicate with fans around the world, connect with them, and create BANDAI NAMCO’s unique entertainment. It not only expresses the magenta variety used as a motif color, but also gives a bright and fun impression and is easy to reproduce. “

Again, this medium-term plan will come into effect in April 2022. What do you think of the BANDAI NAMCO logo? Please tell me below.