Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Review (Switch eShop)

More than twenty years have passed since this classic Gamecube game excited us all with its top-down hack-and-slash dungeon crawling action. Time is not friendly to us…to us.This game is It’s really tough! In the past few years, have we been spoiled by friendlier, less aggressive types? Are we just rubbish? Or Baldur’s Gate: Is the Dark Alliance a really difficult game?

What we do know is that if we are surrounded by three or more enemies, we are dead. This is a very unusual feeling, coming from a game like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (it doesn’t matter), it provides a more comfortable similar gameplay. However, here, you choose your profession (human archer, dwarf warrior or elf witch), get involved in battle, and die a lot. Unless frankly, unless the game is set to “simple” mode, this will make things easier to manage, and frankly, it’s not that easy.

It helps alleviate your frustration because the port is as clean as you like. Yes, this is a PS2 era game. It shouldn’t burden the Switch too much, but it can be played like a dream even in handheld mode, with excellent image quality and a rock-solid 60fps frame rate. , Which means that even if kobolds are dealing with you bastard, they will do it in a pretty beautiful way.To this day, the lights are still very attractive and the water is that’s good.

Unfortunately, the sound does not exactly match the graphics. The music is sparse and uninteresting, and the key jingle and battle splits do not attract people’s attention with the inherent pleasure. They are very capable, but if the sound is a little bit more, the experience will definitely be more attractive. However, the dubbing is very good, all NPCs are fully dubbed and provide gorgeous narratives they might need.

For veterans of the original game, the gameplay is just as you remember, just as you would expect. Just like the lightweight “Diablo”, you will travel through a series of “Dungeon and Dragons” worlds connected by small hubs, and the story/narrative is obviously not focused. In contrast, use a sledgehammer to brainstorm things. through. You are limited in basic control of moving, jumping, blocking and attacking, but this is what you need, and the complexity comes from the high difficulty of the game. Naturally finding and equipping new armor and weapons can give you short-lived but gratifying advantages, although it is more likely to be a simple leveling of the playing field.

Speaking of upgrades, this is also a regular skill point assigned when you get more and more XP. Pleasantly (unlike similar games), none of the upgrades are truly “out of date”, so you can buy and purchase more destructive spells and abilities on demand. This adds to the appearance of game replay value, but what is unforgettable is the fun that makes us look back.

The presentation of this world is a bit impersonal, because you feel very separated from the world. NPCs are limited, and although they perform well, they are not really kept in memory. However, they are not the focus of the game, because it is definitely not an RPG, just relying on statistics to make things more interesting, rather than stagnating in technology, strengths and weaknesses. The credit of the Dark Alliance is that the game is largely a skill rather than consumption, because no matter how powerful you are, it is better to kite your enemies and play tactical games instead of relying on anything particularly powerful.

You can also bring a friend, which makes things less cumbersome and may be the most attractive way to play. It may be difficult to maintain your interest throughout the entire process-ten to twelve hours-but the game is more difficult than you anticipated and it may be beneficial to it because the entire enterprise presents a fascinating soul-like feeling.Yes even we We set our sights on a game that describes “souls and the like”, which describes a game that came out eight years ago, but it won’t be until the discourse of the game creates a more effective term to immediately convey harsh, intolerable difficulties. omnipresent. Joking as he pleases, but this writer defeated the entire series of “ZeroZero City” by an average of 100 points (not despicable!), and he really can’t surpass the number one in “Dark League” in the real difficulty setting. A dungeon.

We will also argue (and believe us, this is a debate) No matter how well done, the asking price of PS2-era port may be higher; Dark Alliance 2 If included, it will definitely sweeten the pot.Nonetheless, putting aside all the negative factors, it feels like perfect aperitif Tuque Games is about to launch (unfortunately, it is not currently restricted by the Switch) a new interpretation of the Dark Alliance.

in conclusion

Baldur’s Gate: The Dark Alliance is a daunting challenge, especially by the standards of modern games, but its porting is excellent and it must be fun to play. Its gameplay may not be popular to some extent, but the gameplay is not complex enough to guarantee a long battle, but this port is one of the best game ports we have seen, and it improves the original game The visual effects and the perfect frame rate with the UI are very suitable for handheld games. However, this is exactly the game you have remembered since 2001. If this is enough for you, then you will have fun in this version.If you are on a fence or you are not ready to be kicked a lot of -We recommend waiting for sales.