Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Back 4 Blood Devs’Discussing’ How to Make Solo Mode More Rewarding

Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock Studios acknowledges community dissatisfaction with the lack of progress of the game in solo mode and is looking for ways to make it more rewarding.

As discovered by EurogamerThe developers thanked Twitter fans for their feedback on solo mode before explaining that they were considering different ways to resolve community concerns.

“We’ve heard complaints about progressing in solo mode and are discussing ways to deal with this issue,” said Turtle Rock Studios. “At this point, please wait for a while. We will keep you informed as we develop strategies on potential ways to achieve this.”

Back 4 Blood’s solo mode complaints Game Reddit page thread.. Those who are dissatisfied with this mode have expressed a reaction to the message that pops up on the screen when they choose to play Back 4 Blood’s solo campaign. The messages you can see in the posts below are:

“Uses a solo deck created in the Fort Hope Deck menu. Maps and objectives will be adjusted. Matchmaking and player invitations will be disabled. Supply points will be disabled. Statistical tracking will be disabled. It will invalidate the progress of revenue towards achievement. “

Back 4 Blood allows you to adjust your character to suit different playstyles. This element of the game uses a card-based system that allows you to fine-tune the character’s basic statistics and abilities during each action of the game. In between runs, players can use supply points (in-game currency that rewards players for completing in-game missions) to purchase more cards to add to their deck.

However, in solo mode, players will not earn supply points and will use the solo deck instead. This means that throughout the solo campaign, players can start by accessing all the cards in the game and build their decks without spending supply points.

It may be a reasonable assumption to suggest that neither needs to be earned, as players do not need supply points for solo campaigns. However, many fans feel that this is not the case, and disabling supply points completely compromises the core progression element of Back 4 Blood’s gameplay.

“I was really looking forward to playing this solo.” Reddit user xslimz said.. “But the lack of progress really kills it. It may be strange to unlock the MP’s playing SP in the bot, but cut it to at least 25% of the reward or something. can do.”

“It’s a team-based game, so I want you to play it in multiplayer,” he added. Another user In another post. “But are there any rewards or achievements? It’s a real shame that you’re forced to play with others if you want to make any progress.”

For people in the community, part of this frustration is that the decision to invalidate supply points in a solo campaign was not made in the best interests of the game’s core fan base, and may be It is in the belief that it limits. Take advantage of the game’s solo campaign by earning points that can be used in other game modes. “Now someone wouldn’t want to bot SP to a supply point,” he said. 1 user In the thread Another addition: “People intend to cheat in some way. Doing this will make more people angry.”

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