Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Babylon Fall: First Preview

As the title “Games as a Service” continues to grow in popularity, more and more companies are trying to create versions of models that are gaining traction and growing over time. In collaboration with renowned developer PlatinumGames, Square Enix sought to do this in Babylon’s fall in a more fantastic environment. According to Platinum’s reputation, combat feels fresh and new, but Babylon’s fall is becoming a fundamental mess of lack of basic functionality or complexity. So far, it will create a dull and boring rut that takes much more time to focus and focus on what it wants to be.

In the fall of Babylon, play as Sentinel, a customizable warrior chosen by a relic known as the Gideon Coffin. You are empowered to fight the oncoming threats in a magnificent standing tower entitled Ziggurat. Each quest will advance you higher until you inevitably reach the summit. In playtime from the closed beta test, I was only able to access the first 6 levels, but the higher the tower, the harder it was.

Screenshots of Babylon’s Fall Gameplay Trailer — Square Enix E3 2021

When it comes to level design, the quest is uninspired, with few corridors, obvious encounter areas, and loot chests along the way.

After completing each quest, loot was given to strengthen the character, but what frustrated the situation was that he couldn’t see the loot he had earned until the end of the level. Instead of showing exactly what the item is, I chose “Relic” instead. Prevented upgrades between battles during quests.

Playing with friends is a complex hurdle to jump over.


Between quests, the sentry was housed at Sentinel Force headquarters, where I was able to accept the quest, sell items, and manage inventory. Quests will be picked up through the job board, allowing other players in the Hub World to join your mission and form a team of up to 4 people. Playing with friends, on the other hand, is a difficult hurdle to jump over.

Despite the very limited number of players who can attend the Sentinel Force headquarters at the same time and a predominantly collaborative experience, in Babylon’s Fall there is no option to invite friends to a party in the traditional sense. .. To get your friends involved, you need to give them an “HQ code”. This is an 8-digit number that allows your friends to join the same hub world in order to join the same quest. To make matters worse, when a friend joins, they don’t automatically join the party together. You are just in the same hub. Therefore, it is possible to accidentally start a mission even if your friends are not present.

This HQ code approach could be the result of cross-play support between the PlayStation console and the PC, but in 2021 such bloat in many other online games that now take advantage of much simpler options. Implementing a specialized multi-step system is frankly unacceptable.

Sentinel is equipped with four different weapons dedicated to one particular button. Two weapons act as light and heavy attacks, the other two are spectral weapons. Other than health, there is a spectral energy bar that is exhausted when using a spectral weapon, but it returns over time and both when attacking an enemy with a light and heavy attack. There are 5 different weapons including swords, hammers, bows, rods and shields, which can be combined with different loadouts to create different combat scenarios once you have better equipment, but most encounters are very safe. .. Bosses fight more, but gameplay isn’t worth the investment when they are as rare as they are.

The fall of Babylon is now in a state of turmoil.


The fall of Babylon is now in a state of turmoil. In particular, other games as service titles like Destiny are more prosperous than ever, and other games whose names are recognized, like Marvel’s Avengers, are struggling to lay a solid foundation. Especially if it is. Platinum has certainly proved their talent for many years. I hope they have time to maximize the fall of Babylon.