More than a year after its initial announcement, I still know relatively little about Avowed, Obsidian’s new first-person RPG based in the Pillars of Eternity universe. However, New report by Windows Central It seems to shed light on the project, working hard on pre-production and revealing that it “has many elements that Pillars of Eternity fans are familiar with.”

They allegedly include well-known spells such as Jolting Touch and Fetid Cares, as well as creatures such as Xaurips. The report repeatedly compares Avowed with Skyrim and Oblivion and describes it as “arguably Obsidian’s view of The Elder Scrolls.” It may go up to include a destructible environment, and fire spells leave a “flame-covered” area.

Avowed is reportedly still a pre-alpha version and can’t be played yet, but Obsidian is reportedly making steady progress. The report speculates that Avowed may be ready to play by E3 2022, but that date is not currently confirmed.

Assuming that’s all right, Avowd seems to be a kind of deep open world RPG that has been a hallmark of Obsidian’s efforts over the years. A direct descendant of Black Isle Studios, Obsidian is best known for his work in Fallout: New Vegas and Knights of the Old Republic 2, both of which have been long-loved classics.

Avowed was first announced in July 2020 and was announced as evidence that Microsoft is strengthening its strength towards the launch of the Xbox Series X | S. Little has been revealed since then, suggesting that Avowed is actually quite early in the development process.