Monday, September 20th, 2021

Attorney Ace’s dramatic cross-checking eyes are back

Have you noticed that the Ace Attorney Trilogy remake film did not have the vision of an animation lawyer before the interrogation stage of the court case? Do you know what we mean? Wait, we will show you.

Is this... flirting?  ?  ?
Is this… flirting? ? ?

Yes, Capcom removed this content from the HD remake, although many of us may not have noticed, others have noticed.Like Edgeworth, there is no doubt that she missed gaze Staring into the eyes of his opponent.

But don’t worry anymore, Edgey-poo! As the cross-examination begins, those voyeurs will return in The Chronicle of The Great Ace Lawyer.Of course, Edgey-poo will not appear in the game, and Phoenix Wright will not appear in the game, but this does not mean we Unable to appreciate the brown eyes of the cute Naruhodo Ryunosuke.

This is an important part of the legal system!
This is an important part of the legal system!

Anyway, there are. The literal meaning of this story is the title!If you click it, you either put a lot of energy in the lawyer’s eyes or you want to know Earth We are talking about. Hope we are satisfied with both of you. Go now and spread the word. The eyes are back again.