Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Attorney Ace and Ghost Trick return to the iOS store

Earlier this year, Capcom removed some games from the iOS store, So that it can be updated to work with the new iOS 14. The three games affected are “Ghost Skills: Phantom Detective”, “Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer-Double Destiny” and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Lawyer-Spirit of Justice”. Justice Apollo: Ace Attorney and Ace Attorney Investigation: Miles Edgeworth is still available.

But, it’s time to open the bubbles and solve some murders, baby, because the ace lawyer is back! In addition, “Ghost Trick”, this is one of the greatest games of our generation! Indeed, today is a crazy day.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Celebration

This news comes from the official Twitter account of Ace Attorney in Japan, which also pointed out that Great Ace Attorney 1 and 2 will also return to the iOS App Store. Yes, we checked-although The Great Ace Attorney game is not on the English App Store, other games are available.

This is great news for anyone who accidentally forgets to remove all their 3DS with Ace Attorney games out of the repository when moving (read: author)!

The following are the individual prices of each game:

Double destiny

  • The first episode is free
  • Episodes 2-5 cost £14.99 (or £4.99 each, for a total of £19.96)
  • DLC series “Turnabout Reclaimed” sells for £2.99
  • Special clothing sets for Apollo, Phoenix and Athena are priced at £0.99

Justice spirit

  • The first episode is free
  • Episodes 2-5 cost £14.99 (or £4.99 each, for a total of £19.96)
  • “Turnabout Time Traveler” from the DLC series, priced at £2.99
  • £0.99: Special costume sets made for Apollo, Phoenix and Athena, refer to old AA games

Ghost trick

  • The first two chapters are free
  • All other chapters are priced at 9.99 pounds (or a bundle of three chapters at 4.99 pounds, for a total of 14.97 pounds)

Will you replay these classic tracks? Let us know in the comments!