Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Atelier Ryza series has sold 1 million copies, Koei Tecmo launches free DLC costumes to celebrate

Update #2 [Tue 1st Jun, 2021 04:05 BST]: These free Atelier Ryza game costumes are now available for download.

Update [Thu 1st Apr, 2021 03:35 BST]: Koei Tecmo now provides Atelier Ryza fans with the first look of DLC costumes. The first game is “Summer White Lily” and the second game is “Gao Xia Official”. As part of these celebrations, both games are currently 20% lower than their standard prices.

ability [Tue 30th Mar, 2021 01:30 BST]: Gust’s hard work paid off, and Koei Tecmo announced that the Atelier Ryza series has now sold more than 1 million copies worldwide. Latest entry, Ryza Studio 2: Lost Legends and Secret Fairies, Only arrived on Nintendo Switch at the beginning of this year.

To celebrate this milestone, Koei Tecmo will release “Special DLC Costumes” for players in the second and first games, Ryza Studio: Darkness and Secret Hideout (Released on Switch in 2019). The issuer also revealed that it will reissue two additional sets of clothing. These will be available on March 31 and include the Summer Adventure package and Divertimento’s Embrace package:

“To celebrate the shipment of 1 million copies of the Ryza series, we will release special DLC costumes for #AtelierRyza and #AtelierRyza2 later! We are happy to announce that we will also re-release the reward costumes for #AtelierRyza!!”

Have you completed the entry for the Atelier Ryza series? If you haven’t already, why not check out our review of the second game-we say this is a relaxed and fun classic JRPG, well worth a look.