Assassin’s Creed Valhalla seems poised to introduce an armor set that references Iron Man.

as discovered by euro gamerdata miner Andy Reload discovered a sophisticated new armor hidden in the game’s files. This may be released in a future update.The Advanced Mechanicals Armor Set gives users the ability to use a chest-mounted energy beam, much like Iron Man’s unibeam.

The set comes in two colorways, the Copper edition which looks like Iron Man’s red and gold outfit, while the second Iron version is a sleek white take on Star Wars Stormtroopers. These seem to be cheeky references rather than official crossovers, as neither contains a specific reference to the film in question.

Screenshot of the Copper variant Advanced Mechanicals set. (Image credit: AndyReloads)

While wearing this new armor set, your Battle Cry ability is replaced with Unibeam. The Unibeam is a forward-firing beam of energy that appears to do area-of-effect and fire damage.

Additionally, the Advanced Mechanicals Armor Set contains several other pieces.

  • Gore Ripper One Handed Sword
  • Greatsword of Caladkorg
  • Horizon Forbidden West inspired mount
  • Synin’s robot skin
  • Animus-inspired Longship theme

assassin’s creed valhalla crossover story screenshots

It is not yet known when these new items will be available in-game. An unreleased set that supposedly references Thanos It dates back to May.

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