Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Aspire: Ina’s Tale a beautiful yet delicately twisted 2D adventure is now available

Hi! My name is Pablo Abraham. I’m the game director of Wonder Note Studio.We are a small Brazilian team located in the south of this vast country and created together Aspire: The Story of InaA 2D adventure of an exciting yet delicately twisted story.idea gray meet Limbo.. In our game you play as Ina, the brave heroine who escapes from the living tower. Ina once locked her in an eternal sleep and made her dream come true. When she suddenly wakes up, she embarks on a journey of freedom and discovery.

Along the way, you’ll meet various eclectic and strange inhabitants of the tower. Some are also prisoners and need your help to be free. Others are joined to the tower to provide it. Through these characters, you can discover both the story of the tower and your own story. The tower is not only alive and breathing, but also nourishes hope, dreams and imagination. Will Ina continue to be a dreamer, or will she wake up and want to be more?

It also harnesses Ina’s astral power to solve various puzzles that manipulate spirits to change the properties of surrounding objects. Manipulate light and objects to change the shape of obstacles that get in the way. Defeating tower obstacles may require reliance on timing and accuracy.

And finally, Aspire: The Story of Ina Carefully constructed to create a true journey of sound and emotion. It incorporates elements of numerous musical genres and styles, blended with mysterious sounds that synthesize orchestras and traditional Asian folk instruments.

So if you like eye-catching art and enjoy creative, story-driven games that can be completed in a few seats, our little piece may be the next game.

Aspire: Ina’s Tale is available on Xbox for $ 12.99.