Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Aside from that, Switch Pro-Orion Upswitch wants to turn the switch into a handheld TV.

With the advent of the Switch OLED model, the screen size has increased a little. This helps with screen quality and makes the game / UI text a little easier to read. Still, I came across a quirky product that takes it to the next level. Switch Pro, who?

The video above is the pitch video for August, Indiegogo campaign It was just launched last week and has attracted about 60 supporters.It is also appearing in retailers like GameStop Shipping is scheduled for early December, but it’s actually cheaper from the Indiegogo page.

So what is it and why is it hundreds of dollars? At its core is the 1080p 11.6 “monitor, which has its own high-capacity battery, speakers, and even a kickstand. It can be used with other devices via input, but its main function is for the switch. , Joy-“Dock” integrated with Conrail. Effectively provides the performance of a switch docked “on the go”.

Since the release of Nintendo Switch®, more than 80 million gamers around the world have made gaming on the go a major part of their daily ritual. Unfortunately, many of these gamers believe that the current Nintendo Switch® screen size is so small that this handheld gaming experience is a bit overwhelming. That’s why the Up-Switch team has created a whole new ORION ™ for gamers looking for a larger, more immersive gaming experience without giving up on portability. By increasing the actual gaming screen size by 188% and upgrading the audio experience with integrated stereo speakers, the combination of Nintendo Switch® and ORION provides the gaming experience for all gamers.

that is interesting It’s pretty heavy, so advertise this as a great portable / mobile option. But, aside from our incredibles and jokes, this kind of thing can really help short-sighted players.

Either way, it’s a beast. Something tells us that the next switch iteration for Nintendo won’t be that big.