Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Art of Balance is the next Nintendo Switch online trial (Europe)

Free trials of Nintendo Switch Online have offered a great combination of indie jewelry and sometimes some major retail titles. The next arrival in Europe is certainly in the first category, but it can be a great option for pre-holiday relaxation.

Shin’en Multimedia’s Art of balance Available to EU subscribers from December 14th to December 20th. As a reminder, this is the latest and greatest version of the WiiWare gem, but with HD visuals, 200 levels and various modes.

The goal sounds simple at first. Building a balanced stack from all given shapes has many challenges. Some shapes break under load, while others reverse gravity and can even literally turn the stack upside down. With practice, experimentation, and a little luck, you can quickly master even the most difficult tasks.

Packed with 5 unique game modes, online play and local split screen, Art of Balance is the ultimate test for aspiring puzzle masters. Three additional players can join in at any time to help solve the puzzle.

With a relaxing lounge soundtrack and eight beautiful environments, Art of Balance is perfect for casual gaming sessions alone or with friends.

If you plan to try this next week, let us know in the comments.