Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Are you ready to give up those AA batteries? Check out the amazing “CleanJuice” Game Boy Mod

If we really like one thing about modern portable hardware, it is that we no longer need to pull out AA or AAA batteries to run them.Although compared with many competitors, the Game Boy’s power requirements are more moderate, but if you are a serious gamer, it still needs a stable battery reserve; of course, the price of rechargeable AA has dropped for decades, and you Can’t help but yearn for a more “modern” solution-this is Retro six Come in.

We’ve reported on this UK-based company in the past-they made a amazing Modified product lines in game consoles, including the pimped Game Boy Advance and Sega Game Gear systems-but we recently evaluated another of their products, CleanJuice battery module For the good old DMG-001.

The CleanJuice mod for Game Boy has two capacities to choose from, including the CleanJuice board (which can do all the smart things) and the battery itself. Installing the mod does require you to open the Game Boy and loosen some of the contact springs in the battery compartment (the official guide recommends that you remove three, but we only take out the two at the bottom), but it is not that scary. You might imagine and spend it We have a few minutes to get used to. XL version It’s a bit complicated, because you have to cut some of the plastic in the battery compartment to install it-as you might expect, its battery is thicker.

After installation, CleanJuice can power the existing Game Boy Used for more than 24 hours (If you choose the XL version, there are nearly 30), and use the USB-C connector on the back to charge. You can even use CleanJuice batteries to charge smartphones or other USB-C devices, which is very convenient.Another advantage is that you can play with Charge at the same time, which is not possible when using rechargeable AA batteries-the entire console also feels lighter.

Compared to the latest AA rechargeable batteries-some of which offer 2500mAh capacity-CleanJuice’s endurance is not that impressive, but for most people, it will be a a lot of more convenient. This means no longer looking for AA, and if you’ve used rechargeable AA before, you can finally give up bulky and slow wall chargers (these chargers usually take several hours to charge AA batteries unless you buy expensive).

RetroSix is Greater Bay Area Yes, even under study Wireless way to charge these batteries – The fact that we will soon be able to use wireless chargers to charge our beloved beige bricks fills us with all kinds of joy, and we will not lie.

Thanks to RetroSix for providing the CleanJuice and CleanJuice XL batteries used in this work.