Monday, May 16th, 2022

Are you preparing your island for Animal Crossing: New Horizon Updates?

Image: Nintendo Life

It’s been about a year since I last visited egg, My Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island. Having played a lot of Animal Crossing New Reef, I recently knew what to expect when I relaunched, following the jammed Animal Crossing Direct: weeds everywhere, cockroaches at home, and villagers. Is more disappointed than I was when my dad wanted to be a game journalist.

“Well, well, well,” they would say. “See who came back to CRAWLING after months. I thought you were dead!” After all, I’m the only one who can decorate the island and make decisions.

Rex has wanted to move for years, but apparently he needs my Permission to do so. Sherb was collecting the trash I wanted to unload. Lost and Found is full of things that only I can claim. Totake is playing for an empty audience, and Gulliver is probably dead.

Well, I’m back now, and just because I was finally fascinated by the new content. Even if I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life, I’m a big fan of Brewster. With the addition of agriculture and cooking, there’s a lot more to do in the game besides decoration. Kappei Island also looks very similar to the existing uninhabited islands, but with a few extra flora and fauna, it is intriguing.

However my The island fills me with despair. I spent a lot of time terraforming, renovating, planning and building, but once it’s all done, well … it’s not that much fun anymore. I still have some options, but I don’t like any of them …

Option 1: Start over

Please don't let me do this again
Please don’t let me do this again (Image: Nintendo Life)

You know how you feel when you go to save an essay you’ve been working on all day, and are the files corrupted? The idea of ​​having to redo it all is enough to make you sick. Well, it’s like how it feels to start over.

I don’t lie, i For real Like the idea that you can make something fresh without being tied to what I’ve already done. Most of the reason my island bores me is that it’s all done already. There are few new ones, and the area I’ve been creating for a long time is a hassle to dismantle.It’s much easier buuuurn it allllldooooown.

But … then I think about my Ironwood DIY recipe. Furniture for my special event. My clothes. My complete museum. All these things, I like to have. I like to be able to search around the inflated storage box according to my own decoration ideas. Basically no friends are playing the game, so it’s very difficult to get everything you need, so I don’t want to do it again!

I don’t I want lose egg.. I love eggs. It represents all the work I put into it, and I would be sad to lose all of it. But it’s also an albatross around my neck and drags me down. Maybe I should just free myself.

Option 2: Renovate the island

Tom understands that.
Tom understands that. (Image: Nintendo Life)

This option is probably the easiest and most rewarding option, and I’ve seen several people do it on social media. I can keep everything, but choose some “sections” of the island to start over. A cool but mechanically useless graveyard and an outdoor pizzeria that is theoretically cute but not used by anyone.

I could even terraform everything into a flat island and decorate it with fresh new ideas, as some of my friends have. If you have the time, this is an ideal scenario. You can build cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and stay up to date … They are actually usable..

But I know how much work this will be. In-game terraforming is a pain in the buttocks and I don’t miss it. Having to go back and forth between my small inventory to get things done also sounds like a nightmare trying to bring one item into the grocery at a time. No thank you. Of course there is a new storage, but it might help … but I have to find and buy it first.

This took years. I don't want to do it again.
This took years. I don’t want to do it again. (Image: Nintendo Life)

And apparently, I forgot all the controls, so redecorating is a bit difficult. When I was exploring the other day, I accidentally erased it, so it took 10 minutes to restore the floor pattern to its original position. Getting ACNH to do what you want is difficult at best. When you can’t remember how to do things, it’s almost impossible.

Also, my island was intentionally laid out to put things exactly where I wanted, so if I reused that space for a farm or gyroid choir, in fact I really really You may not reach the desired location. For example, the graveyard is hidden in the upper left, and my gyroid is worth more than that. [How about getting the gyroids in the sea where they belong? – Ed]

Option 3: Live with it

How do I feel when someone tells me to live with the results of my decision
How do I feel when someone tells me to live with the results of my decision (Image: Nintendo Life)

If I really don’t want to refurbish or create a new space, I can always … live with what I have created.I know that the sunk cost fallacy tells me that I can’t destroy what I’ve made for a long time, it’s ridiculous, but also … I looooot I have less time to play ACNH than when it was released. When it came out, I was working for 4 days! And I was trapped inside! Really, anyone was free.

I think I was able to deal with it, and I can accept the fact that I will never be one of those “aesthetic” Animal Crossing people. Hah.

Maybe I could hire Mr. Resetti to bulldoze the whole place overnight … a horrifying storm could occur and everything but the building Washed away Go out to sea and don’t hold me accountable.

But the problem is. NS. thing. teeth. All of these I’m tired to some extent.I don’t want to be too demanding here, but … I wish I had the option to start over. When Please keep everything.

Maybe you can just hire Mr. Resetti to bulldose the entire location overnight and all the decorations will be automatically returned to storage.A terrifying storm can occur, everything but the building Washed away Go out to sea and don’t hold me accountable.

Or, at this point, it’s just a bin. A bin where you can put all the useless DIY. Please.

probably, Option 4: Reject.. I refused to admit my island and instead jumped into Happy Home Paradise DLC content and was able to decorate the islands and homes of other characters and live alive through them. Who knows, it may reinvigorate my desire to refurbish my own island!

rejection! It's great!
rejection! It’s great! (Image: Nintendo Life)

But there is more than one correct answer. All options are a little work at best, Many Of the worst case work. And, well, games shouldn’t really feel like work (unless you want them). But tell me … what are your plans? Have you started yet? how are you?And what to do Me NS?

When the update is released on November 5th, we’ll see what we’re doing, but for now, let us know in the comments about your experience of shattering your village!