Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

“Arch veil” is what happens when you cross the Legend of Zelda with a barrage

Launched on December 2nd on the Nintendo Switch is Archvale, a hybrid of “lively” RPGs and barrages, well worth the time.

Also, when attacking the Xbox One and PC on the same day, Archvale plunders and crafts, gains better weapons, explores dungeons full of different enemies, and has a “fast, fun, and rewarding” barrage. Fight. In the video above, you can enjoy not only Zelda-style puzzles and RPG gameplay, but also its barrage combat.

The following is a list of the main features that will be explained in a little more detail.

Play your way -Use badges to enhance your character and allow players to create builds that suit their playstyle.

Mastery is the key -Skill-based barrage combat requires precision and speed to test the weapon of your choice and succeed.

Arsenal construction -Players can create over 200 weapons and armor using items collected by defeating environments and enemies.

Explore the world -Encounter numerous enemies across different environments and classic-inspired dungeons on a constantly changing map where players find the unique resources they need to complete their journey.

Discover the truth -Uncover the dark folklore of the world in a quest to unearth an arch into the legendary world Archvale

The game will be available for $ 14.99 when it goes on sale next week. Do you think you’re going to try it?