If you find yourself stuck in a rusty, beaten laundromat owned by the business tycoon Doug Cockle’s Gerald, the business tycoon dad, secretly convert and old man Consider sticking to. The whole is a classic 1990s style arcade. If it’s in your alley, you’ll be delighted as a fruit punch to discover the next arcade paradise, which is a Stardew Valley vein management sim where you run and manage your own arcade from scratch.

But this is more than just a management sim. It seems that you can not only run your laundromat and arcade business side by side, while managing your various income funnels, but you can also dive into and play all 50 of these fully realized arcade games.

Screenshots of arcade paradise

You can start with a variety of cabinets, including Video Air Hockey, Candy Crush-style adventure games, and racers like F-ZERO. But it’s great to be able to add non-gaming features such as a jukebox full of original retro 80’s and 90’s themed music.

However, expect it to take some time to get somewhere. When your arcade venture is brand new and doesn’t generate a lot of income as a result, your main hustle and bustle is summarized in running a laundry cycle, clearing toilet clogging, cleaning gum, and getting rid of garbage. At the end of each day, you can fund a safe in a convenient location in the back room office to buy a clockwork-like, sophisticated refurbishment or a new arcade cabinet that arrives the next day. However, please be careful. If you work long hours instead of going home and resting slowly, you can be faint and miss the next day’s work time.

It’s not as sophisticated as the Stardew Valley loop, but there’s certainly a reason to monitor time with a nifty watch. Especially when planning a washing cycle that can take a few minutes or even minutes. The game time is complete. It’s also worth mentioning that I’ve never seen an NPC elsewhere, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to hire employees to perform these basic tasks.

It seems that one or two minutes at a time can be submerged in the arcade cabinet while waiting for the washing cycle to complete automation towards the start of a new preservation, but the main focus early on is leaning towards the laundromat. Because it is. On the side of your business for stable cash flow, you don’t do much in the arcade.

But if you buy and collect enough different arcade cabinets, you can expect things to be much more relaxing.

Once the arcade money has steadily flowed in, you can ride on these arcade cabinets with the passive income generated while you play to your heart’s content, far away from your lasting focus on these arcade cabinets. Expect to give to-at least home at the end of the day until you need to go. At this point, about two and a half hours of the preview session, I basically stopped paying attention to the wash cycle altogether. Instead, they scored points with a surprisingly accurate homage to Pac-Man and Grand Theft Auto.

Your main hustle and bustle is summarized in running a laundry cycle, clearing toilet clogging, cleaning gum, and getting rid of trash.


You can earn pounds in addition to regular cash by playing games, looking up to-do lists, and earning achievements. If you want, you can log in to your PC and spend these neat pounds on additional cosmetic benefits, but that’s all optional. It’s great to be able to change different settings for each arcade cabinet. This will change how much profit you can make on your own.

The PC in the back room office is the basis of effective operation that helps add more 1990s flavors to the arcade. Here you can receive emails, chat with your dad and siblings about your business progress, and buy upgrades. In fact, this retro-style computer has some serious tricks, such as a Windows 95-like interface and a classic dial-up sound to boot.

The PC in the back room office is the basis of effective operation that helps add more 1990s flavors to the arcade.


There’s more to come here, but at least for the first few hours, it seems like you’re lagging behind in managing and building your business. The stories that exist are enough to guide you through the process of learning everything you need to know, and Doug Cockle entertains you in his role as a business dad, where he sometimes calls you on the phone. Screams for orders, but does not overwhelm his welcome.

In this early build, the keyboard and mouse controls were a bit rough and obscure, and I couldn’t find the menu where the key bindings were located. However, I’ve found that connecting an Xbox Elite controller makes playing arcade paradise much more enjoyable overall. The button layout is simpler. For example, to exit your PC or arcade cabinet, just hold down the Y button. Meanwhile, depending on the keyboard and mouse setup, I got stuck in an arcade cabinet all day in the game.

The Witcher 3 voice actor Doug Cockle enjoys his role as a business dad. He sometimes shouts an order to you on the phone.


Given that I’m playing with preview builds, this is all subject to change, especially including quality of life features. But after spending more than three hours exploring just a handful of these orthodoxly designed arcade cabinets, arcade paradise has so far promised incredible variety and depth. I can say with confidence. Overall, there still seem to be quite a few features and arcade cabinets that I haven’t seen, but I’m excited to be able to provide the right dive for an arcade paradise coming out later this year.