Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Arcade Archives VENDETTA Review (Switch eShop)

When reel-to-reel fighting games became the arcade type of choice for millions of players around the world, Capcom’s output was considered by many to be the gold standard.Title like this Final battle and Aliens VS.Predator During this period, it has achieved amazing revenue, but the company does not exclusively enjoy this type; Konami is one of several competitors that have begun to challenge Capcom’s dominance.

When you talk about Konami beat’em ups, it’s so like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Simpsons: Arcade Game Obviously it will appear suddenly, but when watched without the help of rose-colored glasses, both games are actually very simple in terms of game mechanics. Vendetta (In some parts of the world called Crime Fighter 2, Linking it to Konami’s early side-scrolling fighters). On the other hand, Konami tried to really inject some innovation into the type, and compared to the company’s licensing efforts during this period, this is a more successful product.

Although the storyline was not groundbreaking in that era—you have to set out to rescue a kidnapped woman from the gang—Vendetta introduces some wrinkles that distinguish it from other types of examples (some of them are from The mechanism we see evolved) in Crime fighter).Unlike Final Fight, you have a punch and A kick command, but no jump button-instead, you press the boxing and kick at the same time to perform a low arc jump attack, very suitable for crowd control. When your enemy is on the deck, press the kick to perform a ground attack. Add in the ability to grab, throw, weapons, and violently attack when lying prone on the floor, and you will soon find that Vendetta is a very deep and subtle game, even working within the strict range of the belt scroll type – it can also be combined with other Three people play together, which makes things more fascinating and enjoyable.

Like many arcade games, Vendetta is most concerned with getting the player to enter as many coins as possible in a session, so it sometimes becomes a bit unfair. On platforms like Switch, this is not a big problem, where you can continue to use it indefinitely, but unless you want to easily complete the game in one sitting, you may want to limit the number of points you use. Thankfully, even if you finish it, Vendetta is attractive enough to encourage repeated play, especially if you have one (or three) friends near you and are willing to join.

From a visual point of view, Vendetta can be said to be Konami at the pinnacle of 2D coin-operated games; rich in graphics, rich in details, and wonderful animations. The whole game is interspersed with humorous moments. For example, when you throw a bucket on the enemy’s head, they When walking around blindly, or when you are temporarily disabled by being kicked by the jewelry at home. Fortunately, the enemies with moustaches and leather clothes in the Japanese version have not yet transitioned from coin-operated games to Switch ; Compared with 2021, this offensive stereotype is obviously not so offensive in the early 90s. The hamster made a wise decision to exclude it here (however, it should be noted that the big breasts The S&M sadomasochistic enemies still exist).

If you are a fan of Belt Scroll Warriors, then Vendetta is a must buy, pure and simple. Although its arcade origin does mean that it is slightly unbalanced in terms of fairness, it has enough charm, gameplay, and multiplayer appeal to be worth seeing even decades after its initial release.