Monday, November 29th, 2021

Apple Music is now available on PS5

Apple Music was officially launched for the PlayStation 5, making it the first console with music streaming services since Apple launched it.

As announced in the article Playstation blogStarting today, PlayStation users with Apple Music subscriptions will be able to stream music directly from PlayStation 5.

Through the Apple Music app, players can listen to music in both the PlayStation 5 menu and gameplay. According to a blog post, Apple Music subscribers can listen to their playlists and over 90 million different songs, as well as find playlist recommendations that match the games and scope they are currently playing. You can also. The number of music videos that can be streamed in 4k.

Adding Apple Music to the PlayStation 5 will only help enhance the current roster of media apps on the console and enhance its ability to act as an all-in-one home entertainment system. Music streaming services are hosting third-party apps such as Twitch, YouTube, Apple TV +, and Netflix.

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