Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Apple effectively bans Fortnite from the App Store for 5 years

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has denied Apple’s request to reinstate Epic’s developer account, effectively banning Fortnite from returning to the App Store after a legal battle between Epic and Apple. I made it clear.

Sweeney revealed on social media this morning a letter sent by Apple and rejected Epic’s request to reinstate the developer program’s account. You need an Apple Developer Account to develop and distribute apps on iOS.

In addition, Apple says it will not consider the request to reinstate Epic’s account “until the district court’s ruling is final and unsuitable.” This states that Sweeney can take as long as five years.

It all started when Epic opposed Apple’s 30% payment fee taken from all digital transactions on Fortnite. Epic protested by offering its own payment option in the iOS app. This caused the snowball effect that Apple removed Fortnite from iOS devices, and Epic sued Apple. During this time, Epic lost its Apple Developer Account and Fortnite is no longer available on Apple devices.

The proceeding itself was finally brought to trial, and the judge decided that the app available on the App Store needed to allow an external payment system. That may seem like a win to Epic, but the judge decided that Epic Games had violated its contract with Apple and was ordered to pay Apple a $ 6 million fine.

Epic has said it will appeal to some of its decisions, especially those lost by Epic, but the court has previously stated that Apple’s termination of Epic’s developer account is valid and legal.

Sweeney said he would continue to fight Apple on this, and Apple said it broke its promise to return Fortnite to the App Store if it agreed to play according to the rules. ..

Either way, Epicv. If you think Apple’s situation is over, think again.

Matt TM Kim is a news editor at IGN.You can reach him @lawoftd..