Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Another Nintendo console has been upgraded, but it is 18 years ago

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You can keep your fancy Switch OLED model, close friend-for retro lovers, the news that the GBA SP is upgrading the battery can be said to be more exciting (“it can be said” is the operating word here).

Although old Nintendo systems like Game Boy and Game Boy Advance have suffered some Really Cool unofficial modules over the years-usually focused on overcoming the inherent limitations of the rough screens they come with-these updates often have a negative impact on the machine’s power consumption.

For example; we have a modified GBA SP in the office, which is installed with a gorgeous IPS panel, which provides brightness even more than the capacity of the legendary AGS-101 model, but the spare battery we installed gave up after about an hour The ghost.

After about 15 years of use, to be honest, the battery may be ready for garbage dumping, but you get the idea-modules usually lead to reduced stamina. Even if you don’t have a modified console, the promise of extended battery life is obviously tempting-although larger batteries are available online, they usually don’t match the advertised capacity.

Thankfully, the British company RetroSix not only provides modified consoles, but also sells a variety of modified parts and accessories-including a new GBA SP 900mAh battery. We have been trying one of them recently and we were very impressed. We managed to use the IPS-modified GBA SP for more than six hours after the last charge, which far exceeds the effect that we can achieve with the aftermarket batteries we previously purchased from companies such as eBay. If you run it on a standard GBA SP without a fancy new screen, RetroSix says you can expect up to 10 hours of usage time:

This rechargeable battery pack can provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted fun for your Game Boy Advance SP system. Durable real 900mAh rating, easy to install in your handheld. This is not a typical Chinese substitute with a fake mAh rating, but our own battery, from a reputable battery factory, from which we got the CleanJuice battery.

The RetroSix battery is about the same size as the original battery, although we did notice the need to squeeze it hard to remove it from the GBA SP’s battery compartment – ​​but it’s worth the effort because it does provide a new look for your aging handheld device Of rented life.

RetroSix is ​​selling a 900mAh battery for 10.30 GBP.