Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Animal Crossing villagers roast you when there are cockroaches in your house

Imagine this. After months of work to build a beautiful island paradise, resident representatives of your community disappear. Their house remains vacant. No one is building the infrastructure anymore. You and your neighbors are left to protect yourself for yourself.

Suddenly, one night, their lights come on! Your friends and neighbors are at home again! You rush to greet them, knock on their doors, and are welcomed inside, just to find …. Yeah!Resident representatives’ homes in your town are full cockroach.

This is the latest 2.0 update, a scene that welcomes many players who have returned to Animal Crossing from a long hibernation. This allows other villagers to visit your home while you are in the home, among other cool new features.

You really can’t dodge them from doing this. If you stay inside long enough, they just knock and put themselves in. Honestly, it’s a pretty cute interaction, as they compliment your furniture and give you gifts thanks for letting them visit.

Credit: Nintendo

However, due to a combination of unfortunate circumstances, many of these visits were truncated due to the presence of serious bugs. As you can see, the 2.0 update was released two days ago and dropped unexpectedly last night, which surprised many. Many players hadn’t been in the game for months, so when they first signed in, their homes were attacked by cockroaches. Usually that’s not a problem. You can run from room to room, crush them, and free your house from cockroaches within minutes.

But with the new update, many players are dropping villagers inside. Seconds Enter their home to deloach them before they can get rid of all the bugs. This is a new feature, and not everyone has seen the details of what’s included in the new update, so it’s possible that many aren’t expecting visitors.

Anyway, it turns out that no one is happy with encountering cockroaches.If you really want to avoid this interaction, your best bet is to clean the house Previous Download new updates. But if you have already downloaded it, you need to hurry and trample the cockroach there before anyone sees the absolute tragedy of your home.

Animal Crossing 2.0 updates are large, so if you need help with everything you need to do, there are plenty of comprehensive wiki guides on how to download the update first, how to unlock Brewster and Roost, and more. There is a guide for. ..

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