Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Animal Crossing: New Horizons version 2.0 will be the last major free update of the game

Nintendo has confirmed that the next version 2.0 update for the game arriving on November 5th will be for the game Last Major free content updates.

As you might expect from its “version 2” name, a lot of new content has arrived at this last bump. It was rarely mentioned, but here is an important additional summary:

Brewster opens a cafe: Something new is coming to a corner of the museum. The quiet owner, Brewster, opens the roost after giving some benefits to the museum’s director, Brothers. Roost is a new place to relax, rest and enjoy a selection of coffees. Again, you may come across the inhabitants of the island. If you are using an amiibo phone in the cafe, you can use a compatible amiibo card to invite other characters. If you want, you can also invite your friends *** to your island and take them to the roost for a relaxing drink of Joe together.

Take a boat tour in Kappei: Kappei hangs out at the pier and takes you by boat to one of the remote islands. Sea shanti, where he serenades you along the way, is also part of the fun! You may reach a mysterious island of plants that you have never seen before, or an island with different seasons and time zones. What mystery is waiting for you?

Excavate the gyroid: So far, fossils can be dug up from the ground, and now gyroids can also be found. Each gyroid makes a unique sound. When you put them down, you can even customize them to fit your surroundings!

Shop at the open market on Herb Island: Harv’s Island is undergoing renewal. With the help of his friend Harriet, Harvey invites him to a market that has opened several stores on the island. Contribute Bell to the cause to make it happen! Familiar visitors to your island like Redd, Saharah, Kicks will now have a store here, and the Reese & Cyrus store offers furniture customization not possible with a DIY workbench. At Katrina’s store, she will see your destiny for the day. Harriet can even teach you several different hairstyles!

cooking: The dish is added to the DIY recipe. After growing vegetables such as tomatoes, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes and carrots in the garden, you can combine harvests and other ingredients to fill your table with delicious dishes. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

Further support for your island life: Nook, Inc. Will further support your island life. More options to help you enjoy and coordinate, from group stretches in squares and large house warehouses to residents’ representatives who can enact ordinances such as slowing weed growth and waking up all residents early in the morning. There is an island that suits your lifestyle.

It’s sad that the free content is over, but keep in mind that there are also paid DLCs. Today’s Directly Revealed Happy Home Paradise seems to be set to offer hours of fun in addition to the usual games coming to an island near you on November 5th.