Monday, November 29th, 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Happy Home Paradise DLC Review (Switch eShop)

When Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer was released on 3DS, it was considered a bit strange beast. It was fun and attractive, but the main problem was that it was difficult to sell as a standalone retail game. It was a great time to take the plunge, but the designer / decoration concept didn’t easily fit into Nintendo’s release strategy.

We are now in another era of more powerful hardware and a much more successful substantive e-shop. As a result, Nintendo decided to take the plunge and run the first paid DLC in the mainline Animal Crossing game. Of course, the mobile title “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” that you can play for free. Available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack or standalone, Animal Crossing: New Halloween-Happy Home Paradise offers a lot of content, but most importantly, it naturally integrates with the main experience. And provide even more depth.

Once you have the DLC, it will appear seamlessly in-game, much like adding free content. If you were introduced to Lotti and were basically told to go to the airport where you were given a job, and you chose to go to “work” at the airport whenever you met the Animal Crossing schedule. It’s as easy as that, and when you get started, you’re treated to a totally nice referral sequence that gave this player a clear and cozy atmosphere.

Like many of Animal Crossing, you are advised to play with small chunks and soak in short sessions every day, or at least throughout the day. You will be encouraged to take a break, not overwork. Perhaps it’s best to enjoy it at a stable pace, such as designing one design a day. Some people want to immerse themselves in designing a home for hours, which is fine, of course, but much has been said about blending this DLC into everyday patterns in a wider range of games.

Similar to the 3DS “original” that provided the basis for this expansion, the focus is on the client working to provide a dream home. With a brief explanation, choose the desired plot on different islands that offer different landscapes and seasons and get to work.You can work in the outer area of ​​each plot, but rather of us Basic The design instinct saw us ducking indoors relatively quickly to get to the task at hand.

The important point is that this falls into the “healthy” category in the sense that it is participating. Each challenge offers a number of important furniture items that should be considered mandatory, giving you a wide selection of themed “recommended” items. You’re certainly not trying to use everything, and you’re not exploring a wider category and stopping making your designs a bit wild. Ultimately, even with a sense of our whimsical style, we completely pleased our clients who love their vacation home.

So this is not a winning or losing game, so you can have a good time. It’s an animal forest for you. Like the core game, however, it’s an atmosphere of experience and sunny optimism that provides the motivation to enable the best darn space. Even when tinkering with room layouts and comparing rugs, gamers chasing our scores said “why bother” but were just told to pull down the pipe and relax. No criticism or challenge is welcome. You do your best and everyone is very kind. That’s not a bad thing.

As you progress, true depth is provided. As new capabilities are gradually provided, it will take some time before you can create a partition and do the best. It’s a steady approach that works well, and it takes a considerable amount of time to process all the “story” content in Happy Home Paradise. If you wish, it may take weeks for you to work through your clients, depending on how much you put in each day.

And the good news is that many of your designs have a comprehensive purpose. Ultimately, you may find that you design a “facility” as part of steady progress, and as your customer base grows, you like the facility and form attachments, just as you would on your home island. If you know the villager’s character, you can get more from the light touch progression beats. Plus, you can use souvenir chocolates to attract islanders to new locations, and finally use your amiibo cards to summon your favorite characters, so there’s a nice crossover if you need to.

Happy Home Paradise is a clever addition to the Designer’s official, so it also sets up cute new scenes and contexts for characters that may not have been seen in the core game. If the pure charm and joy of Animal Crossing is one of the reasons you still love the series, you will worship some settings and scenarios here. As mentioned earlier, you get what you get, and if you do your best in design, you will be rewarded at the moment of pure joy.

In addition, you will gradually have the opportunity to acquire a wide range of stylish new products and goods. Your job has its own currency, Poke, which you use in your office shop when your daily necessities catch your eye. You are unlikely to run out of cash as you start making a lot of this money as you progress. Plus, once you buy it and go home, it’s added to the standard catalog and you can buy a copy at Bells. As DLC is a one-time “premium” purchase, these aspects are designed to be enjoyed without the danger of a microtransaction approach.

Your new design and optimization capabilities will also chase you from your island of work — it probably doesn’t fully explain this. For example, learn how to polish an item early on. When you get home, you press “L”, and surely you have the same abilities (and cute outfits) back in your home island. As a result, as soon as you learn a neat new technique, you can start working on making your island a little more elaborate. It’s all part of that natural integration, so that extensions don’t feel out of place or are “gated”.

So, assuming the price is relatively static and remains on the Switch Online Expansion Pass, is it worth it with any of these purchase options? absolutely. Whatever the purchase method, it’s of great value here. The light touch story is relatively long and you can spend a relaxing and fascinating time. It’s not the game’s “campaign” to rush, but it fits into a wider range of Animal Crossing experience templates to suit regular and relaxing sessions. You don’t have to rush and it integrates naturally with the main game, so you can quickly forget your DLC status altogether.


Animal Crossing Creates Animal Crossing: New Horizons feels like a “decisive” edition, especially when considered with the virtually free addition of version 2.0. It’s beautifully polished — and it’s not a reference to the abilities you acquire here — and it provides even more diversity and depth to your daily life on the AC Island. You may discover new villagers to call friends, and perhaps learn a little about how to better decorate your room and home. The most important thing is to make us smile on its own. That is the only best recommendation we can make.