Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Animal Crossing: Froggie Chair is back in New Horizons

image: u / FRogGy_2

Brewster? who cares. Download contents? Am not interested. Froggie chair? Now you have us

Froggy Chair, everyone’s most beloved seating solution, is finally back — brilliant, incredible high resolution, no less. Animal Crossing Today: New Horizons Direct subtly confirmed a lot of the background, from new villagers to new furniture, without saying anything. And it includes a froggie chair!


What you can do with furniture with the addition of new polishing — things ?? I’m still not sure. Froggy Chairs can even have more than they originally looked.

What’s the fuss about this amphibian stool? Just look at it. It’s a frog, it’s also a chair. If the wrinkles in your heart still do not warm up, you should see a cardiologist. Because something is broken.

How many froggie chairs do you buy for your ACNH residence? Let us know in the comments! 🐸