Friday, September 17th, 2021

“Angry Street 4” publisher Dotemu has been acquired by Focus Home Interactive

Image: Dotemu

Dotemu is a name familiar to many Switch gamers. In recent years, the publisher has produced and supported some excellent “new retro” games, either remaking classics or working with talented development partners to produce long-awaited sequels in Dormant IP.Examples include Angry street 4 and Windbreakersecond, And upcoming projects include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of the Shredder.

The company’s success has clearly attracted the attention of potential investors, and Focus Home Interactive today confirmed that it has obtained a controlling interest of 77.5%. Focus Home Interactive recently released famous multi-platform games such as Plague Tale: Innocence, Snowwalker and Hood: Desperadoes and Legends.

The announcement emphasized that this move represents the continued growth of both parties; For Dotemu, Cyrille Imbert emphasized that the company will maintain independence in key areas.

Joining the Focus Home Interactive Group was an obvious choice for Dortmund. We have the same enthusiasm for video games, the same desire for improvement, and the values ​​of respect and kindness to our partners and teams. While continuing to carry out activities, this new collaboration will allow Dotemu to benefit from the undisputed expertise of the Focus Home Interactive team in making AA games, leading to the first generation of 3D consoles (games in the early 2000s).

While retaining the editorial and strategic independence that made it so successful, Dotemu will be able to give greater ambitions to its projects and provide itself with the means to expand the range of services provided to the studio to ensure that their works are successful in Retro label and publication label The Arcade Crew. Therefore, Dotemu is in an ideal position to realize its ambitious growth plan to triple its mid-term turnover. My mission will also be to share Dotemu’s expertise with the Focus Home Interactive team, select and persuade talented teams to join the group, and jointly build key players in the global video game industry.

For fans of Dotemu output, the remake and sequel of the “first-generation 3D console” will surely arouse some excitement for future projects.Yes, we still hope that the recently announced Metal Slug Tactics Will eventually enter Nintendo hardware.

Let us know what you think about this initiative and what you hope to see from Dotemu in the future.