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The creators of Analogue Pocket, a portable FPGA-based device that is compatible with other systems via the entire game library and adapters, have announced the Analogue OS.

It is designed to be the “decisive academic operating system” for playing and experiencing Overall Video game medium.

With Analogue OS, you can explore, discover, and play all your history, save your games at any time using cartridges, create and share playlists, track gameplay, and even your own FPGA core. You can develop and save the history of video games. It’s all because of the love of video games.

Library.Everywhere.Library is a reference-level database for playing, exploring, and sharing. An academic catalog of the entire history of video games. Search and explore the entire range by system, game, region, developer, developer, publisher, and more. All of it.

Visualize-Add your own box art, game title screens, or artwork to showcase every game in a beautiful and customizable way.

Create and Share Playlists Use unprecedented playlists to quickly organize and access your favorite games. Build from scratch or add your game from the library page. Oh, and share the list as well.

Save and capture anytime, at the same time. Instantly capture (or load) the saved state while playing the game cartridge.

tool. Track Gameplay-Remember where you are and where you are heading. AnalogueOS provides tools that allow you to look back at key statistics for overall gameplay (all systems).

Play anywhere AnalogueOS is optimized for optimization (play) in Pocket and Dock. Experience a full-fledged video game history by connecting to a CRT / PVM via LCD / OLED sharp, lag-free 1080p HDMI output or analog DAC.

The OS is designed to seamlessly connect to virtually any 8BitDo Bluetooth, 2.4g, and next-generation controller. Wired and wireless. Use button mapping for each controller and system.

Unique features for your own system. Analogue is dedicated to respectfully highlighting the different hardware quirks and attributes of each video game system.

At the sub-pixel level, Pocket features an original display mode that reproduces the same look and feel as the original DMG display, Game Boy Color display, Game Gear display, and more with amazing accuracy.

The analog OS is still in its infancy. The OS is continually updated and evolves as the definitive OS for playing and exploring the entire history of video games.

Analog OS
Image: Analog
Analog OS
Image: Analog

Images of the new analog OS can be found further on the official website. After last month’s delay, Analogue Pocket will arrive in December this year and will reimburse US $ 199.99 or a regional equivalent.

What do you think of the OS system that helps you save your video game history? Please leave a comment below.