Monday, May 23rd, 2022

An overview of the Sonic Frontier plot has been revealed

Image: Sega

The Sonic Frontier The trailer for the announcement wasn’t much revealed, but it certainly left us wanting to know more.

I already know that the story of the game is being processed by Ian Flynn, but I’m IDW’s current headwriter. Sonic the hedgehog In the comics, it is said that there is also a synopsis of Sonic Frontier.This information is Originally shared by Polygon (Via Sonic Stadium) And reveals that Dr. Eggman is useless again.

“At Sonic Frontier, Sonic’s longtime enemy, Doctor Eggman, discovers ancient technology in the Starfall Islands, installs the AI ​​program SAGE, hacks and takes over, but he recognizes this technology. There’s more to it, and unintended consequences come quickly. Sonic must compete with time to discover the truth, save his friends, and at the same time save himself. “

That is, ancient technology, AI programs, Sonic trying to discover the truth while saving himself and his friends, and Dr. Eggman ruining things again. I think it will be a very exciting story.

Sonic Frontier is developed by experienced members of Sega’s Sonic Team Japan, led by producer Sachiko Kawamura and director Morio Kishimoto. “Holiday 2022” will be available on Nintendo Switch and all other major platforms.

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