Sure, mind control, turning into a demon, and taking on the Seven Deadly Sins seems like a lot to cram into one Switch game, but today’s reveal of Bonus Level Entertainment’s Saga of Sins The trailer promises all this and more.

In a move we’re forever grateful for Nintendo Life, the reveal trailer focuses primarily on gameplay (what a concept!). An original stained glass window visual style that catches the eye of the game.It seems zelda Bringing the prologue to life, these visuals set Saga of Sins apart from other side-scrolling games and help give it its own take on the genre.

You play as Cecil (our English pronunciation doesn’t sound as cool as “Ceshir” in the trailer). Cecil is a mysterious figure who has the gift of transforming into two different demonic creatures and infiltrating people’s minds by fighting evil sins. in it. Howling The player’s transforming ability inherits his Metal sensibility, clearing the game as he can embody either a werewolf or a ferocious gargoyle (his two characters his type with unique projectile abilities) .

Bonus Level Entertainment promises there will be more types of demons yet to be revealed, so we can’t wait to see just how rock’n’roll these transformations will be — flaming centaurs? scary ghouls? sweat, Uh, imp? Possibilities are (largely) endless.

The game will be released at some point in 2023, and there’s still a lot to learn about Saga of Sins, but for now, check out the studio’s roundup of the different level types below before moving on to the next stained glass You can see screenshots of. .

saga of sin is a “Story Arcade” game that combines challenging arcade gameplay with a dramatic story. This game contains the hearts of 31 villagers who are sinners and innocent!

criminal level
– Gluttony, laziness, envy, greed, pride, lust, anger! The seven deadly sins fell upon the hearts of the villagers. Find them, cast out their sins, and free Shinwell from the plague.

innocent level
– Unlike the Sinner’s Heart, which is embodied in Seven Deadly Sins-themed action levels, the Innocent Heart solves an amazing variety of puzzles, riddles, and skill tests.

It may be a while before we hear more about Saga of Sins, but this certainly seems like something to watch.

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