Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Amazon’s New World will launch paid cosmetics at the launch event, and quality of life products may be released later

Amazon’s “New World” plan will pay for items “essentially cosmetics” when it is launched, and the quality of daily necessities and battle pass plans may appear in the future. Twitter Respond to Questions from the community About the Alpha patch notes for “New World”, which discusses the storefront in the game. He assured the fans that the store will “create a sales channel for players who find enough value in the store’s items to make them happy to buy.”He promised that the plan is not, and will never be, “giving people the feeling that storing items is necessary for playing games.” According to Lawrence, all players can enjoy the complete gaming experience without having to purchase anything. When “New World” is launched in August 2021, all store products will be “essentially just cosmetics.” Alpha’s current storefront is just a test, all options or their indicated costs are not final. Alpha testers are encouraged to provide feedback about items in the store to help determine whether to add them to the real-time game.

In the future, the team plans to test “the quality of life for machinery, such as XP and fast travel, which can be obtained in the game or purchased in the store.” The release of these items will depend on “the players in the months after the release. In progress”.The goal of all these projects is “they don’t provide an advantage that makes the game unbalanced.”

Lawrence also revealed that the team is considering but has not yet completed the “battle pass”-style program, which will “consolidate products on a regular basis.” This feature will be tested in advance to “ensure that it provides strong value without disrupting the gameplay of those who are not involved in the game.”

In addition, there is “the possibility of optional expansion, which will have a separate cost.”

New World May 2021 screenshot

Recently, we personally experienced one of the six dungeon expeditions in “New World” “Amlyn Excavation”, and checked its large-scale 50v50 PvP war in 2020.

For more information about Amazon Game Studios and New World, check out the report, which details struggles, “brother culture”, mismanagement, and projects cancelled by the studio.

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