Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Amazing Breaker Now Available-XboxWire

Started development Amazing breaker The idea for the game came from one of the artist’s testing tasks. We really liked what the ice figure looks like. All those details and cracks were there and I immediately took action. We agreed that procedural destruction, many beautiful ice sculptures, destruction methods, and many explosions are needed. So the ice is great, so we’ve put together everything that matters to us: figures, cracks, debris, the aesthetics, fun, and excitement you get when you destroy the brilliance.

A team of five has been working on the game for about a year. We tried to make the game as beautiful and unique as possible, carefully crafting each level and drawing details on each ice sculpture. The sculpture looks great on the screen, shines like crystals, and is beautifully destroyed by various bombs.

Gameplay focuses on completely destroying the ice sculpture by pointing the bomb at the ice sculpture. It takes a lot of strategic thinking and planning to get 3 stars at all levels.

Players can use a variety of bombs, each with its own unique effects on ice, such as spike bombs, ghost bombs, helicopter bombs, and split bombs.

Amazing breaker

A year later, it was the final version. All testers mentioned the fun of the game and its high replay value. There was a reaction immediately after the release. The game was an immediate hit on the mobile platform. Acclaimed by players, the top position on the chart we haven’t left for weeks. Someone wrote to us that he had been playing the game on his phone for years, someone asked the contact information of the girl who narrated the game because he wanted to marry her.

We kept the game alive and improved it over the years. Since then, we’ve added over 200 levels, new mechanics, HD textures and more.But the story Amazing breaker It doesn’t end here. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the game, we decided to give players the opportunity to play on the console. Today is a worldwide release of the game, so if you like puzzle games, Amazing breaker Can be one of your favorites.

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Amazing Breaker is a beautiful and addictive ice-breaking game. The purpose of the game is to blow up ice sculptures with various bombs. ◆ Spike Bomb – Simply Aim and Shoot ◆ Ghost Bomb – Pass through the ice and press and hold to control ◆ Helicopter Bomb – Press to deploy purple crystals ◆ Split Bomb – Press to split into 3 green explosive crystals ◆ And let’s make a victory strategy with other bombs!