Yesterday, I hosted the 39th Golden Joystick Awards, which was announced as an all-digital event on YouTube and Twitch. Below is a complete list of all the winners.

Sponsored by unknownThe Emily Rose and Nolan North events in Nolan North included 20 general voting categories and two categories dealt with by critics. A total of “millions” of votes were cast and the following list was provided.

The winners of the 2021 Golden Joystick Awards are:

  • Best Storytelling: Life is Strange: True Colors
  • The best multiplayer game: It will take two
  • Best audio: Resident Evil Village
  • Best visual design: Ratchet & Crank: Lift Apart
  • Best game expansion: Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island
  • This year’s mobile game: League of Legends: Wild Lift
  • Best game hardware: Playstation 5
  • The best indie games: Door of death
  • Studio of the Year: Capcom
  • Best performer: Maggie Robertson (Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu)
  • Breakthrough Prize: Housemarque (critically chosen)
  • Best gaming community: FINAL FANTASY XIV
  • Prizes still playing: FINAL FANTASY XIV
  • This year’s PC games: Hitman 3
  • Nintendo Game of the Year: Metroid Dread
  • Xbox Game of the Year: Psycho Notes 2
  • PlayStation Games of the Year: Resident Evil Village
  • Most Wanted Game: Elden Ring
  • Critics Award: Deathloop (critically chosen)
  • The ultimate game of the year: Resident Evil Village
  • Best Game Hardware Ever: Personal computer (PC)
  • Best game ever: Dark soul

As you can see, the Nintendo title wasn’t that fair. Metroid Dread won a Nintendo-specific category, but other titles couldn’t beat their rival platform opponents. A complete list of original candidates can be found here (Ultimate Game of All Time candidates can be found here).

Do you agree with the list of winners? Is there anything you would like to change if you have a chance?

Please let us know in the comments below. Congratulations to all the winners!