Friday, September 17th, 2021

All on board! Nintendo Switch will launch train controller in Japan

We have seen racing wheels for car simulators and joysticks for flight simulators, but did you know that you can also get controllers for train simulators? In Japan, a new controller is available that allows Switch owners and train enthusiasts to take their train simulation to a new level.

The device is compatible Densha de Go! !Hashiro Yamate -The latest work in the long-running train simulation series that started on Japanese arcade machines in 1996. The retail price of this product in Japan is approximately US$134, and it will go on sale on August 8.

The controller is designed to truly reproduce the feeling of operating a train-with a joystick and internal gears, it also includes all the necessary toggle buttons to navigate the game menu. Basically, be prepared for someone to use it to speed up other things.

It seems that this product is only released in Japan, so if you are interested in having something like this, you will probably It must be imported. Do you own any unique Switch controllers yourself? Maybe it’s drums or racing wheels? Leave a comment below.