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All Illumina Pokemon and Illumina Points-New Pokemon Snap Wiki Guide

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Illumina Pokemon List

Meganium-Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot

Meganium is Florio’s Illumina Pokemon, located in the Florio Nature Park Illumina Spot, unlocked after completing the Florio Nature Park (Night) course. When Illumina Meganium smells crystal clear (that is, when you can shoot), it triggers the Illumina phenomenon.

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There is no Illumina Spot in the Founja Jungle, while the Illumina Spot in Belusylva can be found in the Forest Illumina Spot in other places, where you can find Illumina Milotic. Just raise the forest in other places to research level 2 to unlock Milotic’s Illumina Spot.

First hit the Milotic with Fluffruit, then hit the photo with the Illumina ball.

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The sultry sand has no Illumina spots. Instead, Voluca’s Illumina location is located in the volcano “Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot”, where you will find two Illumina Volcarona. Raise Fireflow volcano to research level 2 to unlock Volcarona’s Illumina Spot.

Hit Volcarona twice with Fluffruit, then hit with an Illumina ball to take pictures.

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It takes some effort to unlock the Illumina Spot of Illumina Pokemon Whishiwashi. First, you need to unlock Lental Seafloor-Undersea by adding Blushing Beach (day) and Maricopia Reef (day to research level 2), then unlock Maricopia’s Illumina sphere, and then unlock the first Seafloor Alternate Path.

Individual Whishiwashi pictures will not be counted. Instead, hit them with Illumina Orbs to get them into the Whishwashi School Form. The photo of this large Ilumina Whishiwashi is very important!

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To find Illumina Steelix, upgrade Outaway Cave to Research Level 2, and then take the alternative route of Outaway Cave to the Crystal Cave (follow Noibat in the second room into the waterfall). In the last room, scan and take photos here.

How to photograph Illumina Steelix

Frankly speaking, it was very painful to shoot with Illumina Steelix. You need to put Fluffruit in the holes hidden by Steelix to get out-but actually only some holes contain Steelix. Use the scanner to get some tips. After Steelix exits, hit it with an Illumina ball to show the Illumina phenomenon, but it will dim when it returns to the hole, so you must perform this process every time

Fortunately, in future courses, you don’t actually need to hit Steelix with Illumina Orbs to count!

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See the full Walktrhough to learn how to unlock the legendary Pokémon Xerneas’ “Remembrance of Illumina Spot” course. This is the ultimate story-based course, and you can unlock it by lighting up every crying flower through the statues in the “Remembrance Ruins” course.

When it appears in the “sphere” in the form of an Illumina ball, make it hit Xerneas and then hit it again to take a photo.

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