Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Alan Way Climaster Review-IGN

Just like a flashlight flickering from a series of newly inserted Energizers, Alan Wake Remastered presents an 11-year-old survival horror shooter in its most brilliant form. The details of the moody environment are now much easier to understand, but the shortcomings of gameplay are just as reassuring. Alan Wake Remastered’s torchlight twisted brand of psychological torture makes a very tense journey through the woods, but as a shooter, with more modern games that include developer Remedy’s own control. I’m stuck in the past in comparison.

Even if you miss it for the first time, the story of Alan Wake Remastered is novel in every way. When the wife of crime writer Wake goes missing in a small town, the only clue to her whereabouts is a loose excerpt from a book he doesn’t remember writing. The details on this breadcrumb trail on the manuscript page will appear at subsequent events, consistently fascinating the descent into madness, where Wake is armed with only a small gun and a battery-powered torch to keep the darkness. It’s a journey-a townsman in a bay cloak. It’s a pulpy Stephen King-style thriller seen through David Lynch’s dreamy lens, as fascinating and surreal as the combination of influences suggests.

Flashlight flashback

Undoubtedly, this re-release is not a complete remake, but a very remaster. The graphics may have been overhauled to a large extent, but the gameplay hasn’t changed. On the PlayStation 5, it looks pin-sharp at 4K and runs at a smooth speed of 60 frames per second. Also, the 2010 original slightly crude cutscenes have been given a welcome new paint. Still, Alan Wake Remastered is far behind the expensive visual standards that became standard in 2021. Perhaps to best explain this, after the first 10 minutes on the PS5 version, I paused and I wasn’t accidentally downloading the PS4 version.

Still, in the Bright Falls dark setting, anti-aliasing straightens the jagged edges, more clearly defines the texture down to the wool weave of the wake coat, and further pops out the neon sign of the local canteen. Really vivid shine. Unfortunately, the character animation doesn’t seem to get the same attention during the remastering process, and its stiff movements look like wood like a western pine that surrounds a small town.

Alan Way Climaster Trailer — PlayStation Showcase 2021

Other than that, the Alan Wake Remastered is played exactly like the original, and in some respects praises the streamlined nature of survival horror shooters. Ammo and battery can certainly be scarce, but in most cases there is little need for complex inventory juggling, making a fuss or skilling up trees like many shooters released in recent years. There is no crafting system to do. Except for the coffee thermos that you can probably collect, you don’t feel anything extra to pick up. All flares are valuable for buying a room that breathes a little when you’re around. The bullets for each hunting rifle are best kept in the back pocket in case the more barbaric Bright Falls locals attack.

There is no crafting system for fussing or fleshing trees like many shooters released in recent years.


Of course, the downside of such simplicity is that it’s not that deep. By the middle of the story, you’ve got all the weapons you can access. The ambush of a shadowed enemy begins to be almost indistinguishable from the next ambush, and the second half of Alan Wake Remastered will repeat itself. .. Remedies later, well, Therapy This issue of superior control in 2019 evolved combat during that period through gun deformation and the expansion of superpowers, but that alone makes Alan Wake’s one-note action even more obsolete in retrospect. I can see.

I didn’t expect a big shake in the combat system, which is a purely superficial remaster, but I wanted to play Alan Wake Remastered with at least some minor improvements to the interface. The on-screen stamina indicator showing the wake’s sprint ability would have been a plus. Determining how far he can run without getting tired feels like a perfect guess. Similarly, there are few signs of off-screen attacks. The dodge button is very effective when you see the ax spinning towards you, but I routinely wear a shovel behind my head and have time to anticipate and react to a blow. There was no. These minor HUD changes helped a lot to reduce the occasional frustration I felt this time around.

Two bonus episodes originally paid for by DLC, The Signal and The Writer, are also included in Alan Wake Remastered, with the same level of visual polish. Since I skipped them for the first time, I was happy to discover how they are extended by the word conversion mechanism to objects that are used only a little at the end of the main campaign. But even after playing the entire story and its two episodes, it’s still unclear what the meaning behind it is.

Its artistic vision may remain intentionally ambiguous, but at least it’s no longer compromised, as the placement of highly malicious products from the original version has disappeared. Energizer battery packets have been replaced by popular unbranded alternatives, and disturbing Verizon commercials no longer play on in-game TVs. Perhaps for the first time in history, Verizon can be considered a dropout to a remote location in the United States. Good thing.

Outside of the new commentary track, one of the truly new content of this remaster is the QR code hidden throughout the environment. These stand out as much as in-game ads that don’t currently exist, but serve a useful purpose, at least for fans. Scanning with a real phone will show you some interesting new videos that won’t spoil here. ..