Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Alan Wake 2 doesn’t compromise on horror, says Samlake

With Alan Wake 2 officially held, Remedy promises a true survival horror experience. This is an important difference, as the first Alan Wake resembled a psychological thriller. However, in an interview with IGN, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake said the team is moving at full speed in the survival horror genre and has the freedom to give an “M” rating to pursue this creative vision. It states.

When asked about M-ratings (the first Alan Wake was a T-rating), Lake called it “release” and “not compromised or censored with content.” At the same time, Lake reiterated that Alan Wake adhered to the psychological vision that Remedy created for the story, and that developers were “not necessarily trying to create shocking content for themselves.” Said.

Alan Wake 2 Ribeer Trailer Gallery

“Everything related to Alan Wake, the story is very central — this horror story,” says Lake. “Let Remedy challenge the survival horror game and focus on the story … The horror story jumps into this psychologically layered deep mystery. And yes, it will be horrifying. It works really well in gameplay. “

The original Alan Wake, along with his wife, chased a character bearing the writer’s name in a small town in Bright Falls. A mysterious dark force dominates the town, and Wake needs to use the power of light to rescue his kidnapped wife.

The first Alan Wake used a combat mechanic who used light to weaken the enemy before the player killed the enemy with a regular weapon such as a gun. The first Alan Wake lacked the traditional resource management and limited health gameplay elements of the survival horror genre. However, it sounds like these elements may appear in the sequel.

Please note that IGN will soon have a full video interview with Sam Lake about Alan Wake 2. According to Lake, Alan Wake 2 will be the most beautiful Remedy game ever, thanks to the Northlight engine. And check here for everything announced at the Game Awards.

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