Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Aim Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2

Incoming message from Control: Raven, please prepare to execute the task deployment immediately. Yes, it’s finally time to target the new modern warfare shooting game, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2, Launched today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. As the latest work in the best-selling first-person sniper series, this long-awaited sequel is expected to take the series to new heights (And length!) Has many new features, especially extreme range sniping farther than ever before. There are now many goals over 1000 meters, and dramatic single player campaigns are expected to challenge the most skilled FPS fans! Trigger your finger anytime…

Stepping into the boots of the sniper assassin Raven, he will start a series of new contracts in a lawless region in the Middle East on the border between Lebanon and Syria. Your mission seems impossible. Your mission is to overthrow the sinister criminal group led by the corrupt president of the region, Bibi Rashida.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2

Under the guidance of Advanced Intel, you need to navigate 5 different sandboxed areas to complete 21 different (but equally fatal) contract objectives. To help you complete the mission, you will be able to use the most powerful sniper rifle available, capable of destroying the enemy in the most precise way, as well as a variety of pistols, assault rifles and shotguns, not to mention various gadgets and explosive activation.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2

Each contract has its own unique challenges, and you need to fully customize your load to ensure it is optimized for the job at hand. Tasks can be completed in a variety of ways, and achieving all goals will receive a series of rewards. Earn cash and experience points to upgrade your arsenal, unlock new skills… and eventually become a ghost warrior!

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2

Also released today SGW contract 2, Is the first in a series of influencer-themed DLC drops. Top FPS anchor Shroud cooperated with development studio CI Games to release his own DLC pack, which contains an exclusive sniper rifle, adjusted according to his unique game style, and branded weapon skins.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2 Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the new release trailer above, experience the hidden dangers provided, or go directly to the store page for a mission briefing.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contract 2

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is the most challenging work in the acclaimed series, introducing ultra-long-range sniping on targets over 1000m. Dramatic single-player battles set in the modern Middle East, experience high-pressure tactical battles and penetrate into enemy territory. In the role of contract sniper Raven, he will start a series of new contracts in a lawless region in the Middle East on the border between Lebanon and Syria. With a seemingly impossible task on your shoulders, your task is to overthrow a sinister criminal group and bring them to justice. Veterans of the long-range sniper series will face challenges, because the sniper ghost warrior contract 2 requires a higher level of skill, concentration and accuracy, and now many targets are more than 1000 meters away-this is the first time in the series. Next – horizontal realism is developed by the same studio behind the original game, contract 2 breaks new boundaries with its ultra-realistic sniper experience; masters an extensive arsenal based on realistic military equipment; explores vastness with a higher level of detail The terrain; and face the most realistic enemies in the series so far. Plan your attacks with brand new equipment, and each highly replayable contract can be completed in a variety of ways. Replay the missions in different ways to complete all the goals and prepare to use your income for improved gadgets and weapons. The upgraded visual effects Contracts 2 introduced new fidelity, optimized visual effects, improved FPS, and enhanced the game engine, thus bringing the best-looking entry work to the series so far. With the help of the movie bullet camera, capture ultra-realistic stealth killings with realistic graphic details.