Participate live in the first official Age of Empires IV show match on November 11th

If you are an amateur historian or a real-time strategy fan, listen!Following the release of Age of Empires IV, There is a big showcase around the corner. Xbox Game Pass for PC You will see Age of Empires IV The EMEA Championship will take place on November 11th at 7am (PT) / 2pm (GMT) / 3pm (CET) on all Xbox channels.This is the first official European in history Age of Empires IV Show match with prominent participants from Germany, France, Spain and the UK. To ensure that all fans can participate in the competition, popular casters will host matches in English, German, French and Spanish and broadcast them on their channels. Below is a list of live streams of casters and players available.

Eight players compete for free in all matches on four maps — each map takes one hour. The winner will receive a prestigious trophy and the respect of fellow players, but the spectators can also expect some cool prizes.If you don’t have Xbox game pass Still, follow the stream to the Grand Finale and get the chance to win an Xbox Game Pass exclusive code!

Age of Empires IV Championship: Here are the international casters and players

Germany, Austria, Switzerland

You can follow the German stream above Xbox DACH YouTube Also Xbox DACH Facebook..


You can follow the English stream XboxTwitch Also Age of Empires Twitch..


You can follow the French stream above Xbox FR YouTube Also Xbox FRTwitch..


You can follow the Spanish stream Xbox is youtube..

Want to go back in time and tell your story about the history up to November 11th?Then get Age of Empires IV It’s currently available from the Microsoft Store, Steam, or the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate. Here are some tips: For a limited time, all new players will be able to enjoy a three-month Xbox Game Pass for PC for just $ 1.