Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Age of Empires IV is now available on your PC’s Xbox Game Pass


  • Age of Empires IV Available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Ultimate, it can be purchased from the Microsoft Store for Windows PC and Steam.
  • Check out the large-scale digital face-to-face activations in New York City and London.
  • Play a variety of new Art of War challenges to help beginners and veteran players understand the basics of the game.

When to make history your story

That day was with us and the sun rose into a new era.The whole team is very proud to announce it Age of Empires IV Microsoft Store, Steam, and Xbox game pass For PC and Ultimate members.

This is the title of the new Age of Empires for the first time in 16 years and we are honored to add a chapter to this world-famous franchise. Players from around the world have participated in fierce battles for nearly 25 years, building a vast empire and wolling. It’s a thrilling experience for players to have more fun.

To celebrate the launch of Age of Empires IV, We take over Times Square in New York, straddling multiple blocks with large digital screens, a living diorama, and an AR experience. If you happen to be in New York, share your experience. For the people of London, heading to Piccadilly Circus from November 2nd may be an old experience.

Age of Empires IV Have something for all strategy game fans. Eight diverse civilizations, four compelling campaigns, multiplayer, skirmishes, maps, unlockable videos, Art of War challenges, mastery and more, we look forward to what you play first.

If you are new to Age of Empires, welcome first! Since you are with us, there are many ways you can get started:

  • Of the opening menu[学習]Go to the tab and find the intro tutorial. Our narrator will guide you through the basic skills of the game, such as building an economy and participating in combat, and help groups of refugees start anew.
  • Did you understand the basics? The “Art of War” challenge in single player will help you hone your skills and win medals while improving the expertise you need to win in future battles.
  • You can also play the campaign via “Story Mode”. This allows you to enjoy the challenges of the game, but with less difficulty as you focus on historic journeys and gameplay.
  • You can also confront the AI ​​in “Skirmish” mode. Choose your citizens, your AI difficulty, your map and get ready!
  • Want to test your energy against other players? Jump into multiplayer and select “Quick Match” or create a custom game. How you play is up to you! From the map to the victory conditions, there is no same game.
  • It also gives a breakdown of the Xbox Wire hotkeys for easy reference.

If this is not your first voyage to the battlefield, there are many new features for you to enjoy Age of Empires IV.. Place your shooter on the wall and literally take your strategy to new heights. Place the unit in a stealth forest to prepare for a perfect ambush. The unit even whispers to avoid being discovered by the enemy. While playing as a Mongolian, move the entire civilization across the map, select landmarks to age and earn additional bonuses.

I have a lot to enjoy Age of Empires IV And when you start, we can’t wait for you to contact us. The team is ready to hear your feedback! Need help? Please visit the dedicated support site To return to the battle.


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One of the most beloved real-time strategy games regains glory in Age of Empires IV and puts you at the center of the epic historic battle that shaped the world. Age of Empires IV brings a new generation of advanced real-time strategy games with stunning 4K visual fidelity and a familiar and innovative new way to expand your empire in a vast landscape. increase. Going back to history – In search of victory, the past is a prologue, immersed in the rich historical environment of eight diverse civilizations around the world, from English to Chinese to the Delhi Sultanate. Build cities, manage resources and fight troops on land and sea in four different campaigns in 35 missions spanning 500 years of history from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. Choose the path to greatness with historical figures – live the adventures of Jeanne d’Arc and defeat English, or command a powerful Mongolian army as Genghis Khan to conquer all of Asia. The choice is up to you-and every decision you make determines the outcome of history. Customize your game with mods – Available in early 2022, you can play as you like with user-generated content tools for custom games. Challenge the World-Jump online and compete, collaborate, or watch up to 7 friends in PVP and PVE multiplayer modes. An era for all players – Age of Empires IV is a new player with a tutorial system that teaches the essence of real-time strategy and a campaign story mode designed to help first-time players achieve easy setup and success. It’s a fascinating experience for you. It’s challenging enough for veteran players with new game mechanics, advanced strategies and combat techniques.