Saturday, June 12th, 2021

After the PvP update, “Overwatch” professional players are afraid of work

Blizzard announced yesterday that after the release of Overwatch, the PvP mode of Overwatch will be reduced from 6v6 to 5v5-a move that has caused many game professionals to worry about their future in e-sports and feel frustrated with the way the announcement was made. In the 2-hour live broadcast, the “Overwatch” team announced this change, which will remove a tank-type character from the PvP game. At the same time, “Battlefield 2” adapted the characters from “Battle of Tanks”, and it seems that the gameplay of many characters will undergo major changes.

After the announcement, many Tank players in the official Overwatch League expressed not only frustration, they had to re-select their roles to get the highest level of competition, but also said they might be eliminated from the list. Many people also pointed out that Blizzard had not consulted them before making or announcing changes.

Philadelphia fusion player Poko (Poko) Sum up feelings: “Are there any other tankers who feel scared because of their work?”

Poko is by no means a person to worry about.Vancouver Titan tanker Frdwnr participated in the competition Twitter Let’s say: “It’s unbelievable to make this decision and completely abandon the role that people have given up years of life to achieve-not that your favorite tank player will disappear, but a lot of people will disappear. And professional Players have never realized this or been asked in their philosophy once.”

In follow-up actions, Frdwnr admitted that in the long run, this move may eventually make casual games more interesting, but “the fact that many friends or people I admire will be unemployed is really disrespectful.”

Atlanta Empire crocodile Lamenting this fact has not only changed, but it has also been announced during the Overwatch League season: “Imagine spending 5 years perfecting your character… Just delete it when you know your character will not be translated On the other hand, you expect to dedicate everything you have to others before the end of the season.”

London Spitfire Hardy Added, “What’s really frustrating is that these things can only be like [Platinum-ranked players] Test it without asking high-ranking players or professional players”.

San Francisco Shock Matthew DeLisi Show less anger, but feel uneasy about what is missing in the change: “As for whether 5v5 is good for the game, I will not pretend to know the answer. Probably one of the most interesting things I have done in the game.”This is an unprecedented situation in the relatively young professional gaming world. Although the live game will be regularly changed to affect its e-sports participants, there is very little basic knowledge about the gameplay and the structure of its equivalent professional sports. Professional players will also not be able to continue using the original Overwatch, because both the original version and the sequel will contain a single, linked PvP experience.

Since “Overwatch 2” is unlikely to be released before 2022 at the earliest, PvP changes will stop for a while, and “Overwatch League” (or its team) has not announced how these changes will affect the roster and game performance. A whole. We have contacted the alliance for comments.

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